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 Re: sermonindex MEMBER quotes

for those lacking the energy to get out of bed, especially during Easter...

"Since Jesus rose from the dead, YOU can rise from your bed."

 2007/4/7 20:19

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The Netherlands


I love that one! :-P

Jonathan Veldhuis

 2007/4/8 11:08Profile

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Southern Manitoba, Canada


We must stop measuring our treasure by the pleasure that we treasure, and move to treasuring the measure of God's pleasure that He wants us to cherish without measure; for it is His measure of Treasure that he takes pleasure in measuring to us, so that ultimately our treasure will be in His pleasure without measure.

by Stella Paterson

Stella Paterson

 2007/4/8 11:56Profile

Joined: 2007/1/31
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Southern Manitoba, Canada



All that we do, no matter how "good",
will not impress Him;
it will be as a "filthy rag"
that WE have used to clean OUR possessions
because OUR possessions are more important to us
than to be HIS possession,
letting HIS Spirit possess OUR being
until our being IN HIM
becomes more important to us
than our HAVING;
then our DOING will be acceptable
to HIS BEING because
will BE because

It is what we are IN Him
that will take us to Heaven;
and it is what we are, WITHOUT Him
that will send us to Hell,
because without HIM IN US,
and US IN HIM,
we will BE nothing.

Our DOING comes as a result of our BEING,
so if we are IN the flesh,
our BEING is carnal,
and the works of our flesh will be sin;
but if we are IN the Spirit,
our BEING is righteous,
and the fruit of the Spirit will be produced.
That fruit which is produced by the Spirit
is not of our DOING,
so if our BEING is in the flesh,
the "good" that we do WILL NEVER BE GOOD ENOUGH!

After all - "In Him we live and move and have our being." (Acts 17:28)

by Stella Paterson

Stella Paterson

 2007/4/8 12:02Profile

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Hi...its Easter Sunday here..I know that every day could/should be but today in the UK it is.

The end of is quote from a Lent study that is available on web (

Its about arriving...

"There (in heaven) we will meet someone who we have not seen in this life, but in whom we have believed. When we arrive we will see Jesus Christ as He is. He is preparing a place for us."

Our home coming is yet to come...meanwhile as He was with them so HE is with us, the risen Christ. :-D

Stuart Davidson

 2007/4/8 12:23Profile

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Southern California

 Re: Favorite Quotes written by Us!

Keep on keeping on,
lest you be kept,
and held, in hell.

Courtesy of the Holy Spirit

Dire, but accurate.



Forrest Anderson

 2007/4/19 10:13Profile

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I do not know where I got this one - might be a simple reaction to what I see going on in the world. If someone else said it, and I forgot who, please accept my apologies.

"One cannot argue with God and win."


Sandra Miller

 2007/4/21 11:01Profile


I wrote this on the front of my bible a few years back.

This is my roadmap, there is only one Kings Highway

 2007/4/29 11:58

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Santa Clara, CA

 Re: Sadly ...

This whole matter is a bit disturbing folks and has sat sideways ever since it started. I could see where we might want to quote each other if there was something ... 'quoteworthy', even that has it's own problems if we are not careful. But there is something about quoting ourselves that seems to take the whole thing down a notch ...

QUOTE, v.t.[/b]

1. To cite, as a passage from some author; to name, repeat or adduce a passage from an author or speaker, by way of authority or illustration; as, to quote a passage from Homer; to quote the words of Peter, or a passage of Paul's writings; to quote chapter and verse.

2. In commerce, to name, as the price of an article.

3. To note.

QUOTE, n. A note upon an author. Obs.

[i]Even in people who do know the Lord, see what relics of pride there will often be. Remember what Mr. Bunyan said on one occasion. After he had done preaching, a brother came to him, and said, "You have preached an admirable sermon." "Ah!" said Bunyan, "you are too late; the devil told me that before I got down the pulpit stairs."[/i]

I know this may be something of a damper upon good intentions and far from it be an insinuation whatsoever. It's just troubling, and with apologies beforehand, some food for thought again from Charles Bridges;


Two rules strongly present themselves-[i]Be careful in giving praise[/i]. Even the children of the world can discover the deadly tenacity of pride in our nature. 'Do you know'-remarked M. de Stael on her death-bed-'what is the last thing to die in man? It is self-love.' We cannot therefore do our brother a greater injury, than by supplying fuel for pride by irregulated praise. Even if he be a public man, he is not always before God as in the eyes of the Church. It may be that the most eminent servant of God is one, of whom the Church has taken little cognizance. And at best we are far too short-sighted to take the accurate measure of our brother's piety. We cannot weigh it aright without the balances of the sanctuary, which are [i]fully[/i] in his hands alone, who searcheth the heart. Therefore till the day appointed for manifestation, it is well to judge each other, whether for good or evil, with becoming moderation. And to which-is it merciful to expose a weak fellow-sinner to the frown of a jealous God, by stirring up the innate corruption of his heart? For put even the finest [i]gold into the furnace[/i], how humbling is the spectacle of the dross that yet cleaves to it! [i]Be not less careful in receiving praise[/i]. While our taste revolts from extravagant flattery, yet we are apt to think it kindly meant, and it is very rare not to take unconsciously a drop of the poison. But the praise of the church is by far the most insidious poison,-so refined, so luscious! Specially when we feel it to be lawfully obtained, how hard to receive it with self-renouncing consecration to God! 'Christian! thou knowest thou carriest gunpowder about thee. Desire those that carry fire to keep at a distance. It is a dangerous crisis, when a proud heart meets with flattering lips.' May not even the habit of speaking humbly of ourselves be a snare of the devil? Would it not be safer not to speak of ourselves at all? At least, to confine our conversation [i]in strict sincerity[/i] to what we are, not what we appear to be, would be a "wise refraining of our lips" (Chap 10:19). Guard against dwelling even in thought upon anything, that brings man's approving eye upon us. Delight mainly in those works, that are only under the eye of God. Value alone his approbation. Ever think of the love of human praise as the most deadly bane of a Christian profession, to be resisted with intense energy and perseverance (John; 5:44; 12:42, 43).

[url=]Pride and Humility[/url]

Mike Balog

 2007/4/29 12:37Profile

 Re: sermonindex MEMBER quotes

Mike, I'm glad you've brought all this to the fore. When the thread opened, I [i]thought[/i] we should be quoting each other if at all, but I may have joined in as it has continued.

Even quoting each other can be tricky. You're right. But I like the idea of acknowledging the truth in something posted by another....

 2007/4/29 13:15

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