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"In heaven we shall appear, not in armour, but in robes of glory. But here these are to be worn night and day; we must walk, work, and sleep in them, or else we are not true soldiers of Christ.”

“Mercy should make us ashamed, wrath afraid to sin”

William Gurnall


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 Re: sermonindex MEMBER quotes

The only way to be Spirit-filled and stay Spirit-filled is to have an ongoing inflow and outflow.

Who won the last argument you got in? You, your opponent, or Jesus?

Hal Bachman

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 Re: sermonindex MEMBER quotes

(not original) "its not about the plan of salvation, but about the Man of Salvation."

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"You can't really be a follower of Jesus, if you're not actually following Him."

Ed Pugh

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Brian, my quote was something I say all the time. I thought they were supposed to be quotes of our own. Sorry.

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"Pray on all things and in all things Pray."

this sounds too good to be my own...probably the Spirit :-(

 2007/2/16 5:00

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This came to me yesterday as I was praying about an opportunity to share Jesus with an acquaintance. She is so desperately seeking for something to satisfy. She is just looking in all the wrong places. Her life is such that I felt she would be one who would feel that she has done too much and gone too far and God would not have her. That is when this contrasting thought came to me. Neither us unique but I had never really considered the two at the same time and how far they differ in approaching God.

You can never be so bad that you cannot come to God through the blood of Jesus and you can never be good enough to come to him without it.


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I thought of this as my fiancee was telling me about the gossip that goes on at her work, which she said she used to have interest in, but not anymore...

"I liked to spread gossip, but now I love to spread the Gospel."

 2007/2/24 4:36

 Re:sermonindex original MEMBER quotes ONLY, not others...

Who stole the cookie, from the cookie jar?

"I stole the cookie, from the cookie jar, I confess." (at least one of them anyway ;-) )

 2007/3/11 22:00

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 Re: sermonindex MEMBER quotes

"Sin makes us stupid!"

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