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 Re: sermonindex MEMBER quotes

Before I post my quote, let me say this sounds just a little like self-promotion, and that is not what I'm writing this for.....

Also, I'd like to suggest this thread is kept alive by [i]others[/i] who pick up on something posted in a thread, which they would like to bring to the attention of the wider audience.

OK, I said this a [i]long, long[/i] time ago, and because of the 'amen' it received from a much more mature Christian than myself, it has become a bit of a watchword to me, to be willing to expose my thinking to the true Light, and to be ready to see things as God sees them - to the point of letting what He shows me, change my future actions.

(The only) true perspective is leant by the Holy Ghost.

 2007/2/11 10:39

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Our path creates the evidence of what we hope for.

In Christ

Jeff Marshalek

 2007/2/11 12:26Profile

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New England USA


Here are some that I use often;

"Stop trying... start dying"

"If we truly are in Christ, we are not 'works in progress' but are changing from image to image and glory to glory. Some days it may seem like a little bit of image and glory, but it's still there."

When talking about the need to forgive others who have wronged us, I usually say something like this;

"We need to give up our right to have justice served on our behalf. If we are going to live for Christ, we have no rights. This is what it means to lay down our lives."




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 Re: Hmmm... here am I.

Hello, all... I pulled these from my blog. May God bless someone by one of these.

"We don't need a feeling, we need a filling!"

"Every action of the believer should be a reaction to Christ's supremacy."

"Next to Satan and Sin, the most dubious word in existence is Self."

"If it cannot be done for Christ we cannot do it."

"Faith is the muscle to atrophy fastest; God makes sure to keep it exercised."

"Unbelievers read the scriptures and see commandments. Belivers read God's Word and see prophecies God will fulfill. 'Love the Lord your God', becomes, 'I will make you love Me with all your heart'."

 2007/2/11 13:48Profile

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sin is unbelief in mans mind and soul that he cannot be satisfied with God alone.


 2007/2/11 14:15Profile

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My alltime favorite:
"If it was easy, everybody would be doing it."

 2007/2/12 2:36Profile



This thread is for quotes that seemingly came from your own brain... not favorites...

Spitfire, I am not sure if this is your own or not. It sounds somewhat familiar and since you said it was your 'alltime favorite', I do not think you are that proud of yourself to blow your own horn...

No offense to anyone, I just want to make this clear.

God Bless and keep the quotes coming.They are great... 8-)

 2007/2/12 2:57

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"A life to be lived for God & to be consumed by God"

"Jesus is not an add-on in our life but the main thing in our life."


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"It is high time men stopped accepting Christ
and Christ started accepting men."

"The Church has failed miserably when it is sensitive to the seeker and does not address their sin. Instead of with sound preaching making the seeker sensitive to the one who seeks."

Explanation of the first quote - This is an indictment on easybelievism(Sinner's Prayer) about the accepting of Christ which churns out "believers" who have not repented and will not be accepted by Christ on the final day.

The second one is speaking to the fact that churches are so afraid of offending someone with the gospel and its requirements that they end up offending God by not making people broken before the Lord with their watered down messages that does not convict of sin. The man attending these churches does not realize he has become twice a son of hell.


Murray Beninger

 2007/2/12 14:59Profile

 Re: sermonindex MEMBER quotes

Some interesting quotes already. Are they copyright? ;-)

Someone who was into metaphysical things was challenging me, and asked, "Do you think God changes?"

No doubt she was thinking of a "god" that might change in the sense of "evolving" into an even higher state of Being, or something like that.

I was praying what to answer, because to say "no" would give the impression of an unfeeling, unbending stone-like God, but to say yes would feed her false notions.

The answer just popped out:
[i][b]God changes only within the limits of who He is"[/b][/i]

 2007/2/13 10:39

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