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 sermonindex MEMBER quotes

Greetings all...

As I was sitting at my computer, listening to a sermon and doing some research, I was hit with a thought...quotes! We see many great quotes on this website and I was wondering about our own from our own experiences.

Once and awhile, I say things that sound original and are things that I would like to write down, because I would like to use or say it again some time, however, I always forget.

I know that anything good I say or think is not from all. The Holy Spirit is my only source for any quotable sayings. I am hoping that this thread could be used by members or visitors, to write down something that may be 'quotable'.

They can be of any topic regarding Christianity. This thread may die off and fall into the depths of the other not so popular posts, but I know if we keep a pen and paper near us, we will be able to contribute something sometime. They can be words of wisdom, encouragement, humor, or anything, just as long it is from YOU.

God Bless those that stretch...

P.S. We are subject to correction or adjustments to our quotes, so that we can help one another with the words and message we are trying to share.
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 2007/2/11 3:45

 Re: sermonindex MEMBER quotes


This will be my first attempt...the idea might be good, but I am trying to work out the wording and punctuation...please help...

"I would like to be, as in the past, able to open the Way of the truth like John the Baptist, as in the future, able to prove the Way of the truth like Paul of Tarsus, but in the present, able to show the Way of Jesus Christ."

:-? I am not sure exactly... something like that

 2007/2/11 3:54

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Melbourne, Australia

 Re: sermonindex MEMBER quotes

I shared this with a guy that I was witnessing to at our Open Air meeting in Melbourne, after he patronisingly said that I'd almost convinced him to "buy" what I was "selling".

"I'm not so much a salesman selling God, as a purchasing officer who is visiting a slave market, representing and interested party, who would like to buy your life from a master who wants you dead."

Aaron Ireland

 2007/2/11 4:38Profile

 Re: sermonindex quotes

I like question...

... representing and interested party...

is 'and' supposed to be 'an'?

You got the idea though!!! This is the purpose of this thread!

 2007/2/11 4:54

 Re: sermonindex quotes

"Dear Jesus,

Please, crush me into nothing and rebuild me into something."


 2007/2/11 4:57

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everything has been said before and probably better to :-)by someone else somewhere in history

but here is mine

" when looking at the world around me, I believe this generation should be the one generation that through out history is the generation of gods children who spends most time on their knees "


 2007/2/11 5:34Profile


Never posted on SI, and probably not the first time someone thought these up... but they did originate in my mind...

"The gate to heaven is two feet high. The only way in is on hands and knees..."

"Revival is like unto corn kernals in a popcorn maker. Men watch the kernals as angels watch believers - in anxious, childlike, joyful anticipation. Ever so slowly the oil heats up until, after three minutes or so, 'pop!'. Then, after forty-five seconds, 'pop! Pop!'. After ten more seconds in the heat, all the corn is popping away and the wonderful fragrance of fresh, hot popcorn fills the house... woe be unto that kernal that refuses to pop!!! He is good-for-nothing and is tossed in the trash."

 2007/2/11 6:00


"Jesus will make me a fisher of men, but I hope and pray it is in the deep, vast ocean-church of God, with possibilities and probabilities, rather than the shallow, bounded pond-church of the world, with impossibilities and improbabilities."


 2007/2/11 7:27

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Southern USA

 Re: sermonindex MEMBER quotes

I am thankful I am building on the Rock, and not sand that is sinking beneath my feet of flesh. I thank God for our Rock and it is in His name I pray. Eddie


 2007/2/11 8:13Profile

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 Re: sermonindex MEMBER quotes

Love is a person. He doesn't give us love as a possesion, but is love in us as we abide in him. Peace, joy and forgiveness is a person as well.

When we ask Him for more love we are really asking for His attributes to be manifest through us.

So if we wonder why we don't have more love it is because we are not connected to the source.


 2007/2/11 8:48Profile

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