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 Atheists Challenge People to commit Blasphemy

The Nightline show tonight informed viewers of a twisted and bizarre YouTube trend... an atheist put out a challenge for people to defy their consience and committ the unpardonable sin... to blaspheme the Holy Spirit by denying His existence. Seriously! And all kinds of people are doing it. They video themselves making a verbal denial and post it on YouTube. Quite indicative of the day we are living in. It so made my spirit grieve... that they would go so far as to do such a thing. ANd should it surprise us that the guy heading this up was once a proffessing "born-again Christian". The effects of modern gospel false conversion is so severe.

Warning. Watching this will make you cry, or vomit. I cried when I watched it.

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 Re: Atheists Challenge People to commit Blasphemy



 2007/1/31 7:50


Penn Jillette... I've seen him being interviewed on some conservative news shows because of his defense of the Constitution. But he reveals just what a fool he is on this website.

[b]Romans 1:22[/b] [i]Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools...[/i]


 2007/1/31 8:13

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Lord Jesus,

These people who are taking this blasphemy challenge are dead in their trespasses and sins. I too formerly walked in this state, following the course of this world, following the prince of the power of the air, the same spirit that is now at work in these sons of disobedience.

Lord, these people are living only in the passions of their flesh. They seek only to carry out the desires of the body, and the mind, and they are by their very nature children of wrath, as is all of unregenerate mankind.

Heavenly Father, I petition you. I petition you because you are rich in mercy. I petition you because of your great love in which you love us, even to me who was once dead in my transgressions. Father, please make them alive together with Christ--by your grace please save them and raise them up with you and seat them with you in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus. Do this for your name's sake and through them show the immeasurable riches of your grace in the coming ages through the kindness toward them in Christ Jesus. Lord, I plead that by your grace through faith they would be saved. I pray that they are your workmanship, that they would walk in the good works that you have prepared beforehand for them to do.

Holy Father I ask this not for mine or their sake, but for the sake of your holy name, which has been profaned around the world. I pray that you would vindicate the holiness of your great name. I pray that the whole world would know that you are the LORD, when through us all you vindicate your holiness before our eyes.

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well the Lord will do right, it isn't sad that people will go to hell, its sad they go when they don't have to


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 Re: Atheists Challenge People to commit Blasphemy

I saw an article on this last year, and I could have viewed the video, but I chose not to.

All I want to see now is a video 'blaspheming' Allah.

Think they would show it on the news?

God bless.

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 Re: Atheists Challenge People to commit Blasphemy

hydrated wrote:

ANd should it surprise us that the guy heading this up was once a proffessing "born-again Christian".

It may be of interest to you that the people who have had the greatest impact on science, music, politics in modern history had their roots in or were connected with Christianity at some point in their life:

Adolph Hitler
Charles Darwin
Elvis Presley
Josef Stalin
Karl Marx (born a Jew, later baptised to retain his job)

These are the ones I can think of off the top of my head....obviously, these effected the world for the worst...

Perhaps there are others who care to add to this list?


Sandra Miller

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 Re: Atheists Challenge People to commit Blasphemy

all I got is one reply to these poor deluded fools:

Hell is a million degrees hot, no joke.

later edit: this is sad beyond words, hell might even just be a dark room, no light, no love, no voice, and no God, forever. You don't come to Christ because you fear going to hell, you come to Christ because He loved and loves you. He is the Brother, the Father, the Friend, the Sheperd, that will never leave you, ever, for eternity. To say "Fear God" yes, but the more approriate word is "Revere God". just heartbreaking. all of that mess on youtube.

but thats why its called "freewill". God didnt make robots.

 2007/1/31 10:40

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Maybe someone should start up a site called 'testimony challenge' and have people put up their Christian testimonies online!

Ian Smith

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As an avid "YouTuber," one thing I've noticed is the lack of genuine Christians on there. Actually, it's just hard to find them. Because when you do searches, you have to go through a ton of "video spam"... and the genuine Christians on there.. it just is hard to find them I guess.

I mean, wouldn't it be nice if Katz went on YouTube and had a video blog? :-) Haha. He could really reach out to not only the Jewish community there, but to all sorts of peoples, etc... I think many Christians aren't taking advantage of these mediums as they could.


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