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Hi thks all..In the end i brought a KJV Reference by World publishers..

Its as a small concordance,info about each book,a few maps,the reference in the margins..

Another good tool it places a star in the OT texts, whenever its considered a Messianic verse :-)


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Many of them don't really have too much by way of references. Some have cross references, and maps. You could poke around a bit to find one that's right for you.

Sometimes it is better to have some of these tools separate from the one volume. When you squash too much into a single volume it defeats the portability and often strains the binding.

The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge is availabe as a separate book, second hand book, pda, online bible addition and almost every possible format. I think it is the best and most comprehensive 'cross reference' tool I have ever come across.

Ron Bailey

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ive ordered that one :-D. i recived my Bible also two days ago, very nice one, i got the wide margin edition all arounf for some note taking and so, and i got a combined strongs/vines to, i got it on computer but im more of a "book Guy" easier to have open books then a computerscreen...


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