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Apologies. You misunderstand me. It is I who should beg your pardon sir. I wasn't clear in my communication!

I was not at all inferring you were PC...only pointing out that the question of faith in God is always made an issue in these discussions because of the PC environment we live in. Statistically speaking Evolutinists are overwhelmingly athiest. (from Darwinism on Trial.)

Once I was having a discussion over these issues with a felllow. At one point I mentioned a certain author, and he immediately cut me off by saying "Oh that fellow is a Christian." I said "What does that have to do with his research?" He looked at me like the answer was obvious and I replied "Sir you are a bigot."

He knew I was right and said nothing.

This is what I meant when I said "PC bigotry." I wasn't referring to you Taco.

My apologies again.


Mike Compton

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Thank you Compton, I took you up wrong, so apologies on my part.

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Thank you Taco,

Actually your response served as a useful caution to me that, inspite of my emphathy towards Christians like yourself in hostile territory, I need to gaurd against an uncharitable face towards Evolutionists.

You know a few experiences seem to shape so much of our perspective.

Years ago I attended a dinosaur anatamony lecture that was being given by Dr. Robert Bakker . (It was being given outside of a university at a weekend museum conference.) At one point he asked the people in the session there if they were familiar with Ezekial 37 of the Bible. (He was about to point out how a paleontologist brings dead bones back to life...) Well no sooner did he ask the question then it seemed the room of (normally quiet and reserved) professionals broke out in a raucus of mockery and disdain for the bible. Some were making up clever verses of parody, others were moaning, others were laughing. I thought I was back in Jr. High School.

To his credit Dr. Bakker scolded the classroom for their unprofessionalism.

That was the first (but not the last) time I saw how the modern Evolutionary academic establishment attracts people whose resentment for the scriptures runs deeper then pure objectivity.

It seems hard to believe how far our Universities have fallen. Imagine a little more then a 100 years ago, William Lyon Phillips, who was voted Yales 'most inspiring professor' for 4 years straight said I believe a knowledge of the Bible without a college course is more important then a college course without a Bible."

And Princeton's fist president, Jonathan Witherspoon, said this

Cursed be all learning that is contrary to the cross of Christ.

Cursed be all learning that is not coincident with the cross of Christ.

Cursed be all learning that is not subservient to the cross of Christ."

So it is true of our day...

This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be...ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. 2 Timothy 2:1-7"

(Thanks to Kenneth Brown for the quotes in Timely Insights into Timeless Truth.)



Mike Compton

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I was not at all inferring you were PC


Only here could that be a compliment :-P

matt and mim


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 Re: ok sorry ive been busy with school

ok well bubba you told me things that i know are not true and i feel sad for you. im the original post with my question. First i would like to tell you that there are more facts that the bible is true. For example dinosaurs. Did you know at one time everyone thought the world was flat and it was always taught long ago. There have been many claims such as that and eventually have been proven about dinosaurs. we are always taught in school about how long ago dinosaurs lived and the different possibilites that happened for them to die out. Did you know there is more in the bible that proves evolution is false. For example a dinosaur print and human print were found together and dinosaur clay figures have been found made by people as well as cave drawings.the bible in job talks about a dinosaur and a dragon very clearly and in fact there has been new evidence such as on the animal planet that dragons did exist. They even found a skeleton looking dragon figure with i believe if i remember correctly a sword with skeltons of humans... and it definitley didnt look like a dinosaur and again many say its a dragon. dragons were also talked about everywhere long ago and have been in drawings of past times. this was on the animal planet and there is more evidence other places. there is no proof for evolution. you might say ya but there is not proof that evolution didnt happen...yes there is proof evolution didnt happen. it starts with jesus. jesus changed my friends lives. They were druggies and one was a stripper and they were so unhappy and in gangs and now they are not. jesus saved them. I know the truth about jesus and i know the power he has had in my life. I had a girlfriend get saved and she always made fun of me and debated with me. she was smart when it came to religion yet she found jesus when she thought so intelegent in the worlds view. now heres the thing. Do i believe the evidence with evolution when we dont know if its real or do i believe what the bible says when i know jesus is real and that since hes god he used men to write the bible. and u might say they were just men and how could they write it perfect. Because maybe they arent perfect but god IS. and god can use anyone to do anything perfect in his name if he chooses to choose someone obedient. I will believe the bible because the one who i believe in who is perfect wrote it and he talks in job about a dinosaur and dragon and he says everything was made on the 6th day. like i said more evidence shows that dinosaurs lived with humans as well as dragons and so then evolution is wrong because everything was created on the 6th day. people were not apes either when they lived with dinosaurs because they could draw the dinosaurs. Now you can believe other things than when god says something about creation and believe god and know that it is literal or youcan believe in evolution and say the bible is not literal. people say ok well where is the proof that evolution didnt happen. but like i said it is found with jesus. people cant see the proof that god is real because they wont change thier hearts to jesus and so they can never see the proof but thats 100% proof of creation but remember this, the bible has been 100% right so far with prophesies and scientist have been proven wrong many times. they say that some animals are extinct yet they end up being wrong because those animals end up being found alive. and you may believe evolution because of what scientist say, but remember this, your believing scientist with thier beliefs when our own human kind, gods own creation, im talking about humans, they left proof by making for us drawings of dinosaurs and clay models of dinosaurs to show they lived with dinosaurs. so i wrote all this to show you that its going to be sad as the bible keeps proving you wrong as move evidence is uncovered and u one day have to face god. I mean just not long ago dragons were made belief yet the bible has always talked about dragons and now just recently dragons were said to maybe be real afer all. And your so stubborn that one day i pray you find the truth and understand who god really is and that the bible is his literal word.


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