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Good post Diane,


Mike Compton

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Psalm 150:5

God can use guitars, drums and music of all styles...what he can't use is pride, rebellion, and the works of the flesh!
at this point I think the style of the music is almost irrelevent. I know people who sing Gospel music just like Garth Brooks because they loved country music then got saved. they can't seem to let that part of them go, maybe (or thats just who they are--they are being themselves and God can use someone who is real).
It's the condition of the heart that God uses. If it's bluegrass gospel and you are playing to appeal to the flesh, for the purpose of entertainment, it has no place in the body of christ....if it worships the flesh rather then God himself...
I took my 12 year old daughter to a "Dare 2 Share" convention last month. It was the first time we have heard of dare 2 share, and did not know what to expect. We were very dissapointed when they wrapped it all up with a concert by a group called "Super Chick" they were nothing more than a Rock band (looked and sounded, acted and an 80's rock band at that) my 12 year old daughter even said, "I don't get it dad, if you did -dare 2 share- and invited someone here to get saved they would not have heard anything from this band that would tell them what the Gospel is all about."
With all honesty, if you just woke up and found yourself in that concert there would be no way to tell that it was a christian event! the jumping off of speakers, smoke screens, and the lyrics all entertained the flesh but had nothing at all to do with God.
not because the style of the music though, but because of the lack of the message. they have forgotten thier purpose was the message of the Gospel and to worship!
If it's not spreading the Gospel message or offering Worship to God then it is nothing more than entertainment. If entertainment has a place it's not on the pulpit, in the church, disguised as christian ministry!
when sinners (who are lost) look for something they can believe in they are wanting a change, something different.....they need substance. not someone who acts just like them, listens to the same music, watches the same trash on tv, goes to the same places, talks the same, they need a change in thier lives and all they are looking for is someone who truly loves God and truly (and genuinly) cares about them!
Don't try to entertain them into the kingdom but Love them into the kingdom of God.

God Bless Roy

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What would happen it the plug was to get pulled?

The same thing that would happen in any swinging nightclub - instant confusion, then irritation, and finally the dance hall would begin to empty out. The people who came to dance would have to find a nightclub with [i]power[/i], but all they would have to do is find another flashing, neon billboard.

But what would happen if an entire city grid went out? And then an entire [i]national[/i] blackout? Where would they dance?

This blackout is coming soon, and when God finally throws this Babylonian power switch down, hypocrisy and idolatry will glare like twin beacons. Only that which is holy and pure will endure.

Without holiness no man shall see the Lord.

Paul Frederick West

 2007/2/28 10:49Profile

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