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For many people, ungodly music is usually the last to go.

Brother Paul, I have noticed that also. It is very true. I have many times wondered why is so?

My flesh emotions are still growing up when I hear the music that I have once been into. And there is christian alternative, but my spirit is not comfortable listening it. My flesh still likes it, but it is not profitable to my spirit. Even though the lyrics are christian, it gives me thoughts from the past life, worldly life. Don't we said once good bye to the world? And I must admit that I didn't surrender the music at once, it was process of convicting.

Gal 5:17 For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other: so that ye cannot do the things that ye would.

I have recommended and I would continue to recommend these two godly sermons by Keith Daniel, I believe that after hearing them you will never be the same (of course if you listen with open heart), especially Finished with the world, be prepared to be shaken.

[url=]Finished with the world[/url]
[url=]The Power of Prayer (video)[/url]

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My flesh emotions are still growing up when I hear the music that I have once been into. And there is christian alternative, but my spirit is not comfortable listening it. My flesh still likes it, but it is not profitable to my spirit.

I'll tell you what, brother, I believe that as we progress in the school of God, and wisdom and knowledge increase, God also begins to hold us in more responsibility to the measure of increasing light. When I first came to the Lord, I still listened to rock and roll, but as I matured in obedience, things that once held no conviction over me suddenly began to. Things like secular music and televsion began to fall away. My style of dress began to change too; I even began combing my hair differently. After awhile, I was only listening to Christian music and watching really [i]clean[/i] stuff on TV.

Well, a few more years passed, and by the grace of God I was again allowed to progress a little more in school of God, and His increasing knowledge and integrity revealed that which was passing for the [i]Christian[/i] music I was accustomed to listening to was no longer suitable either. But God doesn't take an old thing away without providing the new, and He soon opened my spirit to the glorious hymns. And then I saw that nothing was really [i]clean[/i] on TV, that every program being aired was either gathering for Jesus or scattering. I saw that just about 98% of everything offered was used for scattering and the paltry 2% "Christian" was of the antinomian heresy. Since this type of conviction is from the Spirit and not the flesh, the flesh still yearns for amusement, but the spirit fights to resist it. This is how you can hear an old Beatles song on the radio and instantly delight in the flesh, yet at the same time have no peace in your spirit, because you know it is a wicked element and God hates it.

Well, for me, now, I feel this unpeace when I listen to contemporary Christian music, even most black gospel music and million dollar choirs. It hurts my ears, it twists my guts; it's like that feeling you get when you bite down on tin foil. Oh, I believe that much of what we think is super anointed is but super soulish and glossed over.

The thing is, we can't - and I certainly don't - expect everybody to see things on my level when it comes to music. I am, however, fully persuaded that when a believer progresses in the school of God, he/she will come to similar convictions. Men like Keith Daniel, Wilkerson, Ravenhill, Tozer, and other saints here on SI all can't be wrong when it comes to this music issue. We just have to be careful not to thrust our received light upon those whom God has not appointed the time for yet. This is like being a proud schoolyard bully. When people do this, what they are trying to share is invariably rejected, and rightly so. Only God can impose a conviction like this, but I think it is nonetheless good to speak about it and prepare the soil for impending progression.

Brother Paul

Paul Frederick West

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PreachParsly wrote:
I like songs that deal with Jesus being the Rock. :-? Is that off topic?


Amen brother, "O come, let us sing unto the LORD: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation." Ps 95:1

"And did all drink the same spiritual drink: for they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them: and that Rock was Christ." 1Co 10:4


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 Re: Christian Rock Music


DJB wrote:
Christian rock music...
Before I came to know the Lord, I was playing music in secular rock bands. Music has always been an important part of my life, and I believe that the ability to play music is a God-given talent.

As a new Christian, I was excited when I discovered that there were many "Christian Rock" bands out there playing some really good music. So I began finding other Christian musicians and playing this new type of rock music.

As I have grown over the years as a Christian, I find myself re-evaluating my stance concerning Christian Rock music.

I have always thought this type of music was a great way to reach the youth, but in some ways I am now wondering if this Christian Rock is a way of saying ... "You can have God, and the world too!"

At the same time, I do not feel that God is against variety. I see endless variety in all of His creation. Everything is unique in many different ways. Every human face is different, every leaf on every tree is different, every snowflake is different, ... and this could go on forever...

So, my questions are, how do we determine what "style" of music is the "only" style that is pleasing to God? And how do we go about determining that? When I see that God has put variety in His creation, why would it be wrong to have variety in the styles of music that we use to honor God?

After saying all of this, I do hear some Christian rock music that just seems to have an "evil" sound to it. Deep growling vocals, grinding guitars, and ear splitting noise! I am not questioning this type of Christian music. I do know where I stand concerning this style of music.

[b][color=000099] Thank you DJ. Haven't had time to read this whole thread yet but just want to say how this account of your experience blessed me.

So many seem to fail to learn discernment in this area. I'm personally thankful that I was never very interested in rock music, even being a teenager in the 60's.

You are right, it is the SPIRIT behind the music that we have to discern, rather than the style.[/color][/b]

A lot of Christians believe that the "old hymns" are the ONLY songs that we should play or listen to. Yet, we must remember that at one time, even those songs were "new" and "different".

I am against all of this "entertainment" that is sweeping through church today. And I believe that we need to be very careful when it comes to the things we get involved with. In no way would I ever want to play music only to entertain, but if I can play music that will cause people to take a look at where they stand with God, I think it's what God would have me to do.


I am continually seeking the will of God for my life, and I am trying to stop, and take a look at where music is to fit in my life. If anyone has advice, and scripture to help me in this, please let me know.

[b][color=000066]I think you have already got there yourself, although this thread (even on a quick glance) contains much good advice and encouragement The key is to have a heart to seek God's will in every aspect of our lives. He will guide you, Brother, and use you as He sees fit as you walk with Him. Quite likely He will use you in music, but not necessarily.

Be open to unexpected turns in the path, Knowing that Jesus is the Way.

Perhaps some of the words in Zechariah 3 to Joshua the High Priest are relevant
[i][b][color=000000]7 “Thus says the LORD of hosts: If you walk in my ways and heed my charge, you shall judge my house and keep my courts, and I will give you access among these standing here[/color][/b][/i]

[b][color=000066]The Lord will make a way, as you are faithful to Him, to be and do what He has planned for you.

Maybe it would be good, (as well as seeking the Lord for HIS plan for the next step - which you are already doing), if you make a deliberate act of LETTING GO to Him your own plans and desires for the future.

It gives Him more space to work if we don't get in the way (I still often do this and then He has to wait until I stop messing around and let Him get a word in edgeways re what HE wants!)

Bless you!


 2007/2/2 17:08

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New Jersey


I have been a christian for 14 years and just within the past year has my love for secular music been challenged. After reading this thread, I feel like Im either a late bloomer in the Lord or a slow learner as I know I have never had this conviction in the past. GOD works on everyone in obviously very different ways. I thank this website and all the members for my continual growth in the Lord.
GOD Bless!


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You cannot evangelize the world in the same way that you would 100 years ago and elders need to understand this and simply get over it.

Good point. It would be better if we evangelized the world in the same way they did 2000 years ago. ;-)


Mike Compton

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Southern California

 Re: Christian Rock Music


I understand your concern, but I believe with all my heart if a song, no matter the style, glorifies and praises God, or explores our relationship with Him, or discusses Christian Discipleship, it cannot be bad.

Each of us will like different musical styles. Hoever, if God is glorified, what can the music matter?

Does it replace a similar musical style with words that celebrate Christianity? I say then, thanks be to God for using all styles of music to His glory.

Oddly, after reviewing the matter, I have found that the songs that do well on Air1.Com (my only radio choice) tend not to be the type of music that celebrates bump and grind, or is dark in tone. Those songs that do well in celebrating Christ, even in a hard rock beat, are the songs that sell.

As to your stance on 'entertainment' in the church, with skits, and dancers, and anything else a church comes up with to keep people coming back, it reminds me nothing so much as idol worship as portrayed in the old Christian films. And I fear it may be. Discretion, as always, is the greater part of valor.

Please don't worry so about the music. God is in control of the music industry too, although He allows the Evil One a great deal of leeway.

I truly believe that those of us Christians who delight in worshiping the Lord will be able to choose wisely. When choosing for our young people, we can give them a style that they can enjoy, and delight in them as their voices soar to heaven.


Forrest Anderson

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Southern California

 Re: Christian Rock Music

Dear Ben,

I found it unusually touching that you mentioned 'singing on your beds'.

In the old days, with little light, and a desire for praise of God, the Jews and Israelites would sing together until one by one they dropped off to sleep.

Strangely, I do that as well, in the night hours when I cannot sleep, and am blessed to wake up with other songs from the Holy Spirit in my 'ears', ready for me to begin the day.

Thank you for mentioning this lovely, but ancient, practice.

Forrest Anderson

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Charleston, SC


Good point. It would be better if we evangelized the world in the same way they did 2000 years ago.

Awesome Point!!!

There truly is nothing new under the son.

Lord Bless,



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 Re: music: a vicarious experience

It seems like we are hot and heavy on the music trail these days. I can’t read all the posts, but am a going to bring up a few thoughts that I haven’t seen (though may have missed).

Ron Bailey (Philologos) points out in one of his sermons that worship in the Bible was never associated with music. Worship, in its original meaning, has to do with lying flat on your face before God. Ron adds: “You can’t play a guitar while lying flat on your face, you can’t play a tambourine while flat on your face. So it’s not surprising that you don’t see worship and music happening synonymously. (worship is not the same as praise)” I add: You can’t even sing while flat on your face!

Attempting to establish criteria for acceptable music has been a challenge for centuries. And there has never been a solution. Maybe it’s better to realize that ANY music can hinder worship (that is, your total dedication to God). A good test to check if your music is overly important to you is to consider how zealously you are defending it. Can you let it all go? Would you feel just as close to the Lord without it? Can you praise God with music that is outside of your style? After all, if music is only meant to please the Lord, then it shouldn’t matter if it pleases you, right? And you would be just as blessed singing "Jesus loves me" with a child on a park bench.

Are you prepared to surrender your “Isaacs”, if God calls you to? After all, he is a jealous God who desires your total love, not shared with anything and anyone else.

Keep in mind that only in recent years has music become something that you don’t do yourself. You are minimally engaged in creating it, and heavily rely on something/someone else to do it for you. It is all pre-fabricated. You live it vicariously through technology. I wonder how much of our Christian faith is lived that way.

What would happen it the plug was to get pulled?



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