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hi, i am not looking for anyones approval except the Lords.

 2012/2/15 21:21Profile

 Re: The term Backsliding

LyleWise: Yes I think you have the balance. There can be no doubt that prodigal carries more of God's heart as it were and backsliding is a translation issue. (My emphasis) I was speaking from a great pain of remembrance when I wrote my points. When I first came to know the reality of God I was in prison. It pleased the Father to reveal Himself, and I was saved. The same evening having asked the Father concerning the Lord Jesus I found myself translated to Christ and was sitting on His knee like a little child. He was stroking my head very gently but at the same time I was not permitted to look at His face. I saw the white of His garment. After this I was asleep.

When I left prison 10 months later I began to fellowship and though I loved the brethren I was always deeply troubled in my spirit. At the time I couldn't understand why. This went on for some time and after 3 or 4 months I was worn down down by the troubling in my spirit. I know now 27 years later why I was troubled. May God have mercy on those elders who were responsible.

Fact is. I turned to the flesh of my former life. Drinking etc, and I was deemed backsliden. For 6 months every night I fell on my face and cried out to the Lord. Often with tears. (After the carousing had ended for that day you understand). No one helped me to understand, and Satan took full advantage of the circumstances to molest me continuously even physically causing me to be thrown into the air in my sleep.

In the end the Lord restored me in an instant. I have always known from that day how careful I must be when I meet one of those who take the name of Christ, who have a testimony, but no walk and no fruit. This was my heart in my original post. I would to God that someone had come to me and spoken about the prodigal son. I would have been far less hurt. Peace be with you.

 2012/2/16 3:19

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