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Careful what you pray for dear brother.

Good advice. ;-) I look back and see how far God has brought me, but look forward to how far I have to go. It takes longer for some of us to learn than others.

To have character like Job, David, Solomon, Paul it comes at a price. Not for the faint of heart.

I feel like I've learned a few things and then God shows me I know nothing. To be MOLDED you have to be BROKEN.


 2006/7/13 20:00


Does anyone know any good sermons on the subject of burdens, visions, tears, God's heart etc? I know it may sound like a depressing list, but as David Wilkerson says, true joy comes as a result of anguish.

 2006/7/17 4:58

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richardf wrote:
Does anyone know any good sermons on the subject of burdens, visions, tears, God's heart etc?

A very good thing to wanting to learn about!! How much better we would all be if only pursued these things you have asked about.
Leonard Ravenhill is a good starting point with this, in fact on SI you can download a talk called 'A Burning Heart' I would certainly reccommend this. Leonard Ravenhill preached alot on this subject so maybe have look at the others as well.

Darren Broadhurst

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 Re: Can Christians be haunted?

I am just wondering if Christians can be haunted? I don't believe in ghosts. I do believe in demons and evil spirits though.

Melissa, I think you ask a legitimate question. For starts, I looked up the word “Haunted” and found these definitions:

To inhabit, visit, or appear to in the form of a ghost or other supernatural being.
visit often frequent: haunted the movie theaters.
To come to mind continually; obsess:
riddle that haunted me all morning.
To be continually present in; pervade: the melancholy that haunts the composer's music.
To recur or visit often, especially as a ghost.
As you see, the definition is a bit loose. I suspect you mean, can Christians consciously experience the troublesome presence of evil spirits?
but can Christians be haunted in this way?

Yes, definitely, they can and do. I have spoken with missionaries who work with people groups where demons are prevalent. In fact, we once visited remote tribes in South America where spirit worship was pervasive. The missionary told us many stories of his experience with them - his home at times was haunted. In fact, the main work of the missionaries was to combat these evil forces in the heavenly realms. When this missionary returned to the US on furlough, most of the churches which invited him to come and speak also asked him to refrain from mentioning demons and evil spirits. Yet, that was his main ministry.

So, you see, I think we have been sheltered a bit.

I know another missionary in an Asian Country who was called there to pray against demonic principalities. She would definitely tell you that Christians can be troubled by the recurring presence of demons. She once shared an accounts of evil spirits in her home, - playing havoc in all kinds of ways. Finally she discovered the source: her roommate who was a sweet lady on the surface, but an evil person and betrayer underneath. Once the lady’s sin was discovered, and she fled, the spirits vanished. (It would take pages to tell the story)

I myself have gone into churches where there has been a presence of evil spirits – perhaps through unintentional invoking. I would experience the oppression, while others seemed oblivious to them. Often the Lord would reveal the source of them to me so I could intercede. (Sin opens the door to them). I have at times cast out spirits, or some sort of oppressive influence that seemed to have attached themselves to me during the service and stuck with me after I left. They would immediately flee when I cast them out.

Once I took part in a highly charged Vinyard type of deliverance and healing service where all kinds of misguided incantations were going on in the name of the Holy Spirit during the “ministry” time. I even helped catch someone “slain in the Spirit”.

The next day I felt a powerful euphoria over me. However, because it kept me from prayer and Bible reading, I discerned that this was not of God, but of the devil. So I cast it out, and then could pray and study my Bible again. I had picked it up at the church service.

God can also permit an oppressive spirit to trouble us when we have buried sin. In this case, we must confess the sin as God reveals it. You cannot cast out sin like you cast out demons. Demons and sin are two different things.

Well, I’m no expert in this field, but thought I’d throw in my two cents – based on personal experience.



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I am a missionary in the Philippines and I hear many stories of demonic forces manifesting themselves in the natural realm.

Here at our missions base we currently rent a building that looks like a castle. It contains our church sanctuary, classrom for our Bible college, offices, living quarters for our staff and dorms for our students.

I have heard stories of the students seeing an ugly litte kid appearing in the dorm area over the years. He was seen by quite a few of the students over the years, and they all describe him the same way. I've heard one of our students was laying on her bed in the dorm room while no one else was around and suddently someone shook her bed and then turned off the lights. We heard there was a kid that died here years ago.

Our first cook for our base quit her job when one day as she was cooking and some kind of invisible hand grabbed her throat from behind and began to choke her.

One of our graduates who was living in our dorms a few months ago saw with his natural eyes a demon leaning on his dresser looking at him with a kind of smirking laugh on his face.

One of our staff members was taking care of our building for us while everyone was away. At night he walked through the building making sure everything was ok, and suddenly heard someone callign his name.

Now these are just a few stories of just what has happened here over the years. I have heard of many, many more stories from our staff and students of what they have witnessed throughout their life.

Lately these manifestations have ceased, with the exception of one of our students and one of our graduates seeing some demons.

But remember, we have power over the devil and have no reason to be afraid of him


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Demons can manifest themselves in many ways. And seeing them is of great advantage to us believers. How much easier is it to cast them out when you know where they reside.

The "Ghosts" that many people see are not of their actual relatives, but rather ones called "Familiars". They take on the appearance of a person to distract you from what they really are.

Satan is tricky in how he goes about sending out the fallen angels.

Demons can and will cause range of things to happen from the mental all the way to the physical. They will use your mind and emotions against you, and they will make your body ache and pain.

The beauty in it all though is the knowing. The knowing that all you have to say is Jesus' name and they will flee. They cannot overcome the commands of the one that created them. When you cast out a demonic presence what you are doing is in fact asking Christ to come and cast the demon away for you. And HE will do so in all HIS glory.

Demons are nothing to fear, but are to be seriously watched for. They will do everything they can to keep you from the Lord's will.


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