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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events :  Rick Warren to Preach in Communist North Korea

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Oh, yeah, I totally forgot about that (praying for the true brethren). Being discouraged is not going to help for sure.

Will be praying. :)

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 Re: Rick Warren to Preach in Communist North Korea


It would be just fantastic if an evangelical pastor was to be allowed to preach in North Korea. Unfortunately that is not Rick Warren. He is the author, and promoter of the foulest false gospel to invade the church in many many many years.. Just my thoughts on the subject.
Blessings to all Greg


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 Re: Smokey

I've never been drawn to Mr. Warren's books, or felt any interest in "discerning" what he has to say, preach, opine, etc etc etc. I've heard many people say how bad he is, apostate, and I'm not posting this up to argue that, in fact I really don't care, God will take care of that.

I've had a prayer burden for North Korea for 4 years now, and the Spirit has been gracious enought to bless me with vision AND visions.......AND gracious enough to give me the LOVE to pray for a man like Kim Jong Il, a man with blood soaked hands, and a nature of depravity that could take your breath away, but a man all the same, weak and frail and needing Jesus.

One time the Spirit told me that the 2,000 plus upper echelon North Korean Communists surrounding this dictator, Kim Jong Il are terrified of us. Even if they did want to talk to us, meaning the U.S., they don't know where to begin. They believe we want to destroy them, fear rules their lives, as they have been taught AS CHILDREN, that there is no God, only the "State", the "State" is God, and they have deified Kim Il Song, who is Kim Jong Il's late father.

This dictator Kim Jong Il wants Jesus, why do you think he has summoned Rick Warren?

This dictator, is reaching out to the biggest name in the "christian world", because he knows no better, he only knows that he needs Jesus.

You might think that is totally nuts, totally off the wall, but delightly and joyfully most of the world thinks that the stories and miracles inside the Book are "off the wall" and "nuts".

I know this, as the Spirit has revealed it to me, North Korea one day SOON, will be free, and the Gospel will be preached from the 38th parallel to the Yalu and Tumen rivers, and the fires of revival will light the land as they last did in 1907.

there is a 40 day prayer and fasting world network going on from 7 July to can access it at

these are some God-fearing, on fire, Spirit filled Korean-American brothers and sisters who would appreciate our prayer help.

You know what....all Rick Warren has to say in Pyongyang is "Jesus is Lord", and I praise God for that, God will choose His messengers, could be a donkey, could be Rick Warren, just pray that it aint the moonies, or the scientologists, believe me, they are training people NOW to go into North Korea once it opens up.

God bless you is my prayer, bartle

 2006/7/9 2:26

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Hi Brother Bartle,
I just wanted to thank you for starting this thread. I was estatic to hear about Rick Warren going to North Korea and I will DEFINITELY be praying.

I hope that you guys have not missed the point here. I grew up in South Korea (8 yrs old to 18) and no one EVER goes to North Korea. This is TRULY a miracle!! (I heard of a man that defected to North Korea instead of out of it, and they later found his decapitated body floating in a river). I've stood at the Demilitarized Zone and looked into North Korea and listened to their propaganda and it was so strange to see a group of North Korean tourists looking back at us. It was like looking over into a different world, and being separated only by a line on the ground.
When I was 17 (10 yrs ago) I had the opportunity to visit Dandong in China--a city on the northern border of North Korea. That border is not as guarded. It was the dead of winter and there were no other tourists there but us. A boatman offered to take us out on the Yalu River "really close to North Korea" for a sum. He took us so close to the opposite bank that I could have jumped out and walked right in. We saw some North Korean boats on the river and we shouted Korean phrases at them. I don't think they heard us over the roar of the engine. Back at the hotel, we turned on the TV to catch North Korean television. It was a creepy experience. At the time I spoke Korean pretty well, but I wouldn't have understood hardly a word without the Korean subtitles. The accent was really different. And, weirdest of all was that the programs were COMPLETELY propaganda! The people were quite literally praising Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il as gods.
The point here is that God has worked a miracle in opening this door. We should pray fervently for Rick Warren and the words that he will speak. I live here in Southern California and know some people that know him. I don't agree with everything in his books, but I know the man is truly a believer and I will be praying for him that God would order every word that comes out of his mouth.
It is true that this will make things more dangerous for the believers in North Korea, but I think it will be a huge encouragement as well. I met a man that had been able to get into N. Korea on a tour and "strayed" a little from the tour to meet with underground believers. It was a terribly dangerous thing to do (I would not suggest everyone do that), but the believers wept as they all shared communion together--"we didn't know anyone on the outside cared. We are so encouraged to know that people are praying for us" Can you imagine being in their shoes?
Bartle, thanks again for sharing this. I will be praying. I haven't been to S.Korea in more than 7 years, and I would gladly go back (or to North Korea if God opened the way). I LOVED korea! I'll never forget waking up at 5 am with my mom and seeing the churched dotted across the city with lighted crosses on them to guide people on their way to early morning prayer. North Korea opening would be the answer to many of those prayers.



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 Re: false teachers


Nothing would thrill me more than to know that the GOSPEL is being preached to the masses anywhere in the world. God has never failed to bring the GOSPEL wherever He has wanted it preached.
However, PLEASE help me to understand! If God went to the lengths that He did to bring the world the TRUE GOSPEL (the sacrifice of His only Son), why would He now send a false prophet, with a false gospel, to evangelize a nation?

2Ti 4:3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;
2Ti 4:4 And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

Mat 24:11 And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.

Luk 21:8 And he said, Take heed that ye be not deceived: for many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and the time draweth near: (go ye not therefore after them. )

Blessings Greg


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 Re: an awkward situation

Hi everyone.

Dear Phebe and others,

I'm wondering as I write this if my thoughts about this are worth sharing, that is, does it really matter and is it edifying others or is it for me just some intellectual speculation.

Still, and I say this with only gentleness in my thoughts, I guess I would be more encouraged by this if perhaps some of our brothers and sisters in chains in N. Korea were instead the ones being invited to speak about the Gospel. Or perhaps all of them in prison(as I have read they are but I do not know it first hand) could be released to go and hear Mr. Warren speak? Maybe Mr. Warren could be allowed to visit them? I say this with no sarcasm intended dear ones, but trying to express my heart for what is an [i]awkward[/i] situation as I see it.

Whatever the case, I suppose what is more important to know is that you and others will be praying. :-D


Christopher Joel Dandrow

 2006/7/9 11:14Profile


how can we divine the deep things of the Lord, how can we understand how He works.

Pray for pastor Warren, that was once false witness from His mouth will become Words guided by and engendered by the Spirit and that Kim Jong Il will recieve Jesus into His heart.

lets let God be God, and have His way with this two men.......pray, prayer with an intensity that will shake the heavenlies.

what brooken vessels we all are, what riches there lie in the Body of Christ.

 2006/7/10 2:44

 Re: Rick Warren to Preach in Communist North Korea

Hi Smokey,

I thought these few verses might answer your question, possibly.... I believe they are food for faith, at least, if not part of the answer which bartle has explained to us. It will be interesting to see how God works through Rick Warren ... I believe He can and I believe it might change Rick Warren if He does.... Amen...! (May we ALL be changed by God working through us.... Amen....?)

Numbers 22

35 Then the Angel of the LORD said to Balaam, "Go with the men, [b]but only the word that I speak to you, that you shall speak[/b]." So Balaam went with the princes of Balak.

36 . Now when Balak heard that Balaam was coming, he went out to meet him at the city of Moab, which [is] on the border at the Arnon, the boundary of the territory.

37 Then Balak said to Balaam, "Did I not earnestly send to you, calling for you? Why did you not come to me? Am I not able to honor you?"

38 And Balaam said to Balak, "Look, I have come to you! [b]Now, have I any power at all to say anything? The word that [u]God[/u] puts in my mouth, [u]that I must speak[/u][/b]."

If you read the above verses carefully, you'll see it is the pre-incarnate Lord, who promised to put words into Balaam's mouth. How could Rick Warren go wrong, if he is open so to be used? Let's give the guy a chance, and stand with him. I'd be nervous.... Wouldn't you?

 2006/7/10 11:41

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Now for my 2 bits worth. From what I have read and heard about Rick Warren, I don't believe God will use him. Why? He would only take the glory for himself, not God. I don't like his ministry, he is a deceiver. Pray all you want for him. I only pray for those who I believe have honoured God. How has he honoured God? Go to his website and learn about his ministry and see if it isn't man-centred instead of God-centred. Is this how the first century church functioned? Read Acts 2 and compare with Warren's ministry. He is no threat to the North Koreans. Let them invite Paul Washer or Keith Daniel, then I'll pray for God to move. Like I said, that's my 2 cents worth. God bless.

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 Re: Tell Me About Rick Warren

Hey guys,

What's the big deal with Rick Warren? Why are some people here labeling him as a false minister and deceiver? Those are pretty heavy accusations! I don't know anything about his ministry, other than it being a bit soft and seeker-friendly. A Chaplain's Assistant gave me a copy of the "Purpose-Driven Life" and I thumbed through for about 5 minutes. I normally read Ravenhill, G. Campbell Morgan and the Puritans, so it didn't do anything for me. It was fluffy and shallow. But is this man a "false minister?"

Again, I don't know anything about his ministry or church (is it Saddleback or Saddlebrook?) apart from what I read in the book. Yes, it was shallow stuff, and I couldn't find any clear teachings on repentance, atonement, the new birth, sanctification and the self-denial of the cross...but, hey, does this qualify him to be a wolf? If it turns out he IS a brother and truly saved and a child of God, then some of you will answer for these statements at the Judgment. Be so careful, brethren. You may disagree with his ministry, but take heed like David before Saul in the cave.

In anycase, I may be completely wrong. Can somebody please show me on what grounds this man deserves to be called a false minister and deceiver, other than pastoring a mega, seeker-friendly church and writing watered-down Christian New York Times bestsellers?

Bro. Paul

Paul Frederick West

 2006/7/10 12:55Profile

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