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  Rick Warren to Preach in Communist North Korea

(brethern-a note, I know some of you regard Pastor Warren's ministry with disdain, but I must say that if he is allowed to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Him crucified to 15,000 North Koreans, this is huge. So I beg you, not to make this a thread detailing Mister Warrens shortcomings, but breathe prayers up to the Living God that 15,000 North Koreans be allowed to drink from the Living Water that Christ offers.)

By Sarah Price Brown
Religion News Service

LAKE FOREST, Calif., June 27 - Evangelical pastor Rick Warren has been invited to preach this summer to some 15,000 Christians in North Korea, a communist country infamous not only for its nuclear threats but also for its religious persecution.

Warren, author of the bestselling book, "The Purpose-Driven Life," said he would make the trip as part of a nearly 40-day journey to meet with the leaders of 13 foreign countries.

I want to ask you to pray for me," Warren told about 5,000 worshippers at his Saddleback Church on Sunday (June 25). He said he would be embarking on a "grueling" tour, meeting with presidents, business leaders and pastors in countries such as Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Rwanda and South Korea, where he would preach at the world's largest church.

And then, he told the crowd, "I've received another invitation." Warren said North Korea would allow him to preach in a stadium seating 15,000, but that he could preach in a larger venue if he could fill the seats.

A collective gasp arose from the worshippers. Then, claps and cheers.

The sense of excitement spilled over into conversations after the service.

"God's using Rick Warren as a vessel for peace," said Sue Foley, a photographer for the church.

Alan Bennett, a self-employed worshipper from Orange County, said he was "shocked" to hear the news, but said it was "awesome. ... I was really taken aback that they would allow a Christian speaker, let alone an evangelist," to preach.

Since 2001, the State Department has designated North Korea a "country of particular concern" for religious freedom violations. Religious freedom essentially does not exist in the highly centralized state, where Kim Jong Il reigns as Supreme Being.

The communist regime prohibits citizens from belonging to unauthorized religious groups. And its authorized groups are largely propaganda, organized for the benefit of foreigners, according to a 2005 U.S. State Department report on International Religious Freedom.

Believers who proselytize or have ties to evangelical groups in China are arrested, tortured or executed, the report said. Still, religious leaders like Billy Graham have visited North Korea in highly choreographed trips. Warren said he had asked Graham for advice on his upcoming trip.

"I know they're going to use me," Warren said, responding to a question about whether he was concerned that the invitation could be a set-up, a ruse to draw out Christians so that the government could punish them.

"So I'm going to use them."

 2006/6/28 23:20

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 Re: Rick Warren to Preach in Communist North Korea

In fact i already know whats he is going to preach........


simple and plain.....he will convert many and get a real big mailing list...asking for money, here by my book.....

"God had a plan for your life......."he wants u to prosper, to be happy, to be real cool, to be like the South Koreans"!!!!

ahhh and if he preached the pure and un-adulterated gospel well im truly not a prophet lol.

Yeah ill pray that he doesnt even make it there, to spread that so called "gospel" he has. Or that he ges converted on the way.


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to some 15,000 Christians in North Korea

It seems from all likely hood that he will be preaching to "christians" so he won't have as much a chnance to evangelize as to rather build up the saints in that country. But personally I am not sure how much he can teach Christians there, they have been in the school of Christ through suffering for a long time. It would definetly be profitable to pray for the anointed of God to fall in the meeting and God endue those believers with much grace and boldness to preach the gospel in that very dark country.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Figured I'd post this to let everyone chew on for a bit.

[b]Calvary Chapel Rejects Purpose Driven
and Emerging Spirituality [/b]
June 16, 2006 - Costa Mesa, CA: Last week at Calvary Chapel's annual pastor's conference, founder and Senior Pastor Chuck Smith announced that Calvary Chapel was rejecting various movements and practices that have been taking place within the Christian church at large as well as in some Calvary Chapel churches. According to a number of pastors who spoke with Lighthouse Trails this week, Smith asked that those Calvary Chapel pastors who were going in the direction of the emerging church would no longer call themselves Calvary Chapel churches.

This week a notice was placed on the Calvary Chapel Distribution website recalling Chuck Smith Sr's book, When Storms Come (which had been tampered with). The notice also stated: "The teaching and positions of Rick Warren have come into conflict with us at Calvary Chapel. Pastor Chuck has directed us to discontinue this product effective immediately."
Both Purpose Driven and the emerging church promote contemplative spirituality, which is a belief system that is contrary to biblical Christianity. Popular authors such as Richard Foster, Brian McLaren, Rick Warren, Henri Nouwen, Brennan Manning and many others teach contemplative spirituality (also known as spiritual formation)
Here is an official statement more concerning emrging churches
[url=]Calvary Chapel Document[/url]

patrick heaviside

 2006/6/29 0:50Profile


Just the fact that there is a [i]possibility[/i] that an evangelical Christian pastor being allowed to speak in front of 15,000 North Korean's is so important in the life of that enslaved nation, I can't even convey how breathtaking that possibility is.

Personally pastor Warren's ministry doesn't resonate with me, but if he was allowed to tell 15,000 North Koreans the Life Love and Passion of Jesus, I praise God for such a thawing in the corrupt idolatrous and pharaohnic leadership of the North Korean leadership. I have been praying that God speak to the dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong Il, and tell him that the only way is Jesus, not nuclear weaponry or force of arms.

Maybe Kim Jong Il is desperate for the love of Christ, these are just men, these leaders of nations....they need Christ too, and maybe, just maybe the leadership of North Korea will allow people to feast at the Banquet Table of Jesus Christ....and maybe Rick Warren will be that messenger.

and brother WDJD, I urge in the love of the Lord to be more circumspect about how God is moving in the Korean peninsula. The Korean church, south Korean, both here in the States and in the ROK is such an annointed, sold out for Jesus, on fire Church. Much prayer and fasting has gone heavenward begging the Lord to free those Northern brethern who are enslaved in the godless system of North Korea, which is known as "JuChe".

Brother, hear me, revival will come to North Korea, it has nothing to do with Rick Warren, it's about how much Jesus loves us.


 2006/6/29 1:06

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


Amen brother,

Yes the spiritual discipline and walk of many koreans would shame us if we really knew it. In much watchings, prayers, and fastings their churches perservere with God in prayer, but us lazy, idle, lukewarm north americans can barely put down the controller to get some time with God.

Very good works brother, may God truly send revival to north korea and break the shakels of communism.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Brother Greg

for your perusal, with my love, these URL's

 2006/6/29 1:22

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11

 Re: Brother Greg

Here is a quote from that latter link, great stuff brother:

[b]Our Present Need[/b]
The Korean Revival is a striking fulfilment of the words of our Lord: “When he (the Spirit of truth) is come, he will reprove (convict) the world of sin” (Jn.16:8). The conscience is awakened as the sinner feels himself in the immediate presence of God. To these Koreans there was an overwhelming sense of the reality of eternal things. Terrible agony for sin and crying for mercy was followed by a sense of pardon, peace and an influx of joy.
We are living in a day when even within the evangelical church there is very little sense of sin and consequently the absence of the spirit of repentance. A W Tozer would often comment on two things: “that there is little sense of sin among the unsaved and that the average Christian lives a life so worldly and careless that it is difficult to distinguish him from the unconverted man”. We should not be surprised that there is no fear of God in society when there is so little fear of God in the church. David Wells writes: “The fundamental problem in the evangelical world today is that God rests too inconsequentially upon the church. His truth is too distant, his grace is too ordinary, his judgment is too benign, his gospel is too easy and his Christ is too common”. We have to recognise a widespread antinomian spirit and a worldly attitude pervading the churches.
If, as we believe, revivals are larger measures of the Spirit of God, how desperately we need to cry and plead for more of this! Our actions cannot determine the giving of revival but may we like the missionaries in Korea be given the Spirit of supplications. As Matthew Henry said: “When God intends great mercy for his people the first thing he does is set them a-praying”.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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My wife is Korean and South Korea is much like North America. North Korea, however, is much different and you will likely be killed if you claim to follow Christ. The revival in Korea actually started in the capital of what is now North Korea.

There's many problems in the church in South Korea. My brother-in-law, who is a Korean Presbyterian minister who immigrated to the U.S., said that many in Korea become pastors simply because it's a very high paying job, not because they were called by Jesus. They certainly need our prayers, probably much more than those in North Korea who are suffering. God's hand won't move in our lives as long as we insist on saying we're rich and in need of nothing.

May we keep both of these countries lifted up. I'm praying that God will bring revival to all of Korea one more time.

Ed Pugh

 2006/6/29 10:18Profile

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