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Dear NP,

You mention the garment as a representation of walking with Christ. That's good however these folk were dragged in off the street. Not much chance of them understanding what walking with the lord meant, do you suppose? May I submit that this whole thing is an acceptable heart issue and not one of performance aside from an acceptable heart. Performance can be a mask for an upright heart.



 2006/5/17 8:09

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About this wedding garment: if I understand this correctly, people were given this at the door as they approached the wedding feast. Now here you had a person at the feast without one which means he refused to take one.

When we come to Jesus, he offers cleansing of our sins, a new heart and mind which is required in order to walk with him or "to be able to participate at his wedding feast". Now if one refuses to be cleansed - or accept the wedding garment - he is to be thrown out! Unless you have been cleansed of all that filthiness in your heart and life, you cannot have communion with Jesus.

Are we all sayig the same thing but using different words to describe it?

Interesting and edifying thoughts shared here...


Sandra Miller

 2006/5/17 10:26Profile


Thanks Ginny,

Basically, but what I read I don't believe satisfies the understanding Jesus would have us recognize in the parable. Other than that, we are saying much that is the same.
Ravi Zacharius said this that explained much to me concerning present day attitude/condition in the church. He said: "Guilt is expelled by irreverance". Now I have a question: Do you think the "casual Christian" will be a joint-heir with Jesus Christ? For that matter, do you believe the "casual Christian" wears a wedding garment? Do you believe he even knows anything about a wedding garment, or cares? My view is that the wedding garment represents more than just salvation. [u]It is given to the Christian[/u] and in that light and along with Biblical context, it should be viewed as the beginning of intimacy with the Father; Kingdom habitation.

I'm open for correction on this but ask first ask yourself the question: "Why was he speechless"?

What say you -- or anyone?


 2006/5/18 6:30

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Hello Ormly,

I really believe what brother Habakkuk posted on this subject sums up the message that the Lord intended for us to learn from this portion of the parable about the wedding garment.

"Now, as without holiness no man can see the Lord, we may at once perceive what our Lord means by the marriage garment-it is HOLINESS of heart and life: the text last quoted asserts that the fine, white, and clean linen (alluding to the marriage garment above mentioned) was an emblem of the RIGHTEOUSNESS of the SAINTS."

I have noticed that most of the parables are of a narrow scope and concern extremely serious subject matter. I believe that if we really get hold of the simple message in this teaching about the wedding garment that we will have understood what the Lord intends for us to understand. I am all for gleaning the nuances, subtleties, and shades in scripture, but on a subject of this magnitude (the eternal fate of a professor of Christ) I can really appreciate the Lord's simple forthrightness and clear explanation. I believe the essence of the teaching about the wedding garment is a warning to those who profess Christ to live holy, and diligently seek the Lord if they expect to be saved. I believe the time element that you mentioned is incidental to the main thrust of what is being taught here. I am curious, why do you think the man was speechless? God bless you.

Noel Pautsky

 2006/5/19 2:15Profile


I am curious, why do you think the man was speechless? God bless you.

Because he thought he was saved; "going forward" was sufficient.

The folks around him never dreamed of bringing rectification into his thinking concerning the narrowness of the Lord AFTER salvation--- after all who are they that they should criticise another, right? Sorta like todays church in many ways and in particular where no one sees the need to be modest in their dress and wear proper apparel as being part of the way of holiness. After all they say: God looks upon the heart and not the outward appearance. Remember, guilt is expelled by irreverance; The heart is changed as a result of changing church attitudes. We witness that alot these days. People dress like they are going to the beach instead of church; The sanctuary of God. How come they think that way accept the pulpit lead the way? "Sloppy Agape".

The wedding garment is a type of holiness seen upon the heart as the Master would discern it. Ask yourself why anyone wouldn't want to wear it (do it) given he knows who the Master is and has accepted His invitation and plan of salvation put forth by the servants of the Master? And don't you believe the servants also bear some responsibility in all this? That part is not addressed in the parable --it is elseware in scripture, i.e., the unfaithful servant.

Luke 12:47 (KJV)
And that servant, which knew his lord's will, and prepared not himself, neither did according to his will, shall be beaten with many stripes.
but the one who did not know it, and committed deeds worthy of a flogging, will receive but few. From everyone who has been given much, much will be required; and to whom they entrusted much, of him they will ask all the more.

[b]One more thing: The righteousness of Christ was what got the man entrance to the wedding banquet.[/b]


Your turn,


 2006/5/19 13:40

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