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 Re: Turn your eyes on Jesus

We seem to be pretty good at exposing these things but how do we deal with what is wrong?

I have a somewhat personal take on this:

There were times in my life when church was the most perfect place I could imagine – almost like heaven. I thought it was Church with a capital ‘C’. I thought everyone was saved. Fellowship was great, Bible studies, etc. And then …… when the honeymoon was over …… Well, you know the story…. It happens all the time. At some point the glossy view gets marred, and then suddenly it’s all bad and horrible.. and then there is a lot of frustration, complaining, and further wounding.

I believe that the shattering of lofty illusions is not bad – in itself. In fact it is necessary in order to move on in faith. Also, one needs to acknowledge their negative feelings and woundedness rather than pretend all is well (hypocrisy). Silence is not the answer. Nor does singing H-A-P-P-Y songs help one get “over it”.

What helped me get past the criticizing stage was realizing that imperfections are normal in the church, and I didn’t need the ideal church to love and obey God. Most important, I had to see that my frustration revealed that the church had become an idol to me, and I had become angry for not meeting my idolatrous needs and desires for security and fulfilment. I had to admit (confess) that I had placed more trust in the church than in God.

Eventually I praised God for the imperfect church because I found God that way. He became my sufficiency. And that freed me up to love - even the unlovely.

In one of Earnest O’Neill’s audio messages on Romans he speaks about the remnant principle: God is always building his remnant among the many who are false. It has always been that way, and always will be. In other words the visible church will never become the ideal, but it will always contain a remnant. We can trust that Christ is relentlessly building his true Church. He is refining his people through the troubles in church.

We criticize and harshly judge the Church

With God’s help, self-centered anger can be transformed into deep heartfelt Christ-centered burden and desire for revival, both personal and corporate.

A thought: This is a site that boldly exposes the wrongs of the modern church - through preachers like Ravenhill, Colin Carter, etc. So, I wonder if it can be a bit like sticky flypaper, attracting the disgruntled, and also exposing the disgruntled side of us. But I don't think that is all bad. It can lead to good. We need to pray for God’s healing, forgiveness, and victory. There is much material here that facilitates that process – if one desires to take that route.
What is God's method of recovery from times such as these in the Church?

It think you answered your question:

Is it really our suffering love and sorrow for the Lord that motivates our spirit and demeanour? Is it redeeming love?

Experiencing the love of Christ and also expressing it among one another is a great way to facilitate healing and forgiveness, and maturity. But it doesn't happen overnight - it is a process, and we have to be patient - with each other and also ourselves.



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