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Thanks much for your last thoughtful post brother. It is appreciated.

This is a path that I myself must learn.

It seems one of the hardest paths for me to learn is how not to place additional earthly burdens on others that the Lord never intended them to carry...political conspiracies produce so many anxious questions but rarely any conclusions.

Yet inspite of political controversies, I appreciate your spiritual perspectives and the challenge to my own perceptions. Having grown up in Lynchburg during the heyday of Jerry Falwells' Moral Majority it has unwittingly taken me twently years to untangle Hal Lyndsey and Cal Thomas from the Gospel.

And now, with the help of brothers like you, I am seeing Paul and the early apostolic message in a new light these days...and perhaps understanding alittle more why this Gospel of Jesus unraveled mighty Rome and it's imperial theology of state...achieving what all of the world's militaries had failed to do.

This theme of being "called out" has been on my heart much this past year, and I think you have played a role in that.



Mike Compton

 2006/4/26 0:09Profile

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Thankyou for your fellowship Brothers.

I will stop using this thread and repost the historic background of the Shiite Muslim on a seperate thread.

God Bless
In Christ

Jeff Marshalek

 2006/4/26 14:47Profile


FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD,i pray that a christian can preach to saddam in jesuses name.

 2006/4/27 7:03

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