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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Divorce and Remarriage by David Servant

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 Re: Divorce and Remarriage by David Servant

It is because of erroneous and sin pacifying teachings such as this one that the sin of divorce and remarriage is so rampant in the Church in America. You would rarely hear someone teaching divorce and remarriage as acceptable in a Church in this nation 40 or 50 years ago. But now it is common place, and look at the difference in the divorce rate here from then until now! What is preached in the pulpit affects not only the Church, but society as a whole!
I recently had the opportunity to listen to a man of God from Romainia. (Michael Boldea - the grandson and former interpreter of Dimitru Duduman, the imprisoned and persecuted Bible smuggler and also messenger sent to warn America to repent or perish) Brother Boldea says that the divorce rate in Romainia is .001%! That is 1 in 1000! He attributes this to the fact that Church holds to the traditional and Biblical veiw of divorce and remarriage as sin before God, and not to be tolerated as acceptable. This standard has not only preserved the sanctity of the marriage convenant in the Body of Christ, but in the entire social climate of that nation! I dont know about you , but to me this speaks a great deal about the absolute necessity of returning to a pure and uncorrupted Gospel preached by the Body of Christ in our nation.

Paul Benson

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 Re: Divorce and Remarriage by David Servant

tj wrote:

If Jesus was saying that any man on earth who marries a divorced woman is committing adultery, then every Israelite man during the previous hundreds of years committed adultery who, in complete compliance with the Law of Moses, married a divorced woman. In fact, every man in Jesus' audience that day who was presently married to a divorced woman in full compliance with the Mosaic Law suddenly become guilty of what he was not guilty just one minute before, and Jesus must have changed God's law at that moment. Moreover, every person in the future who married a divorced person, trusting Paul's words in his letter to the Corinthians that such was not a sin, was actually sinning, committing adultery.

I read some of this long article - scanning it and reading the conclusion which will sum up the larger body.

When I came to this paragraph, I saw nothing but red flags. Brother, anyone who will interpret the NT in this fashion is to be avoided. This writer is not taking into ccount that what Jesus says will supercede what the OT commanded/taught. (Read Luke 16:16: The law and the prophets were until John: since that time the kingdom of God is preached, and every man presseth into it.)

Revelation is progressive. This can readily be understood when you read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. It can even be seen in the OT when you read it clear through to Malachi. What Jesus said in his teaching replaced the directives given in the OT law. As an example read the sermon on the Mount. Jesus says "it has been said, but now I say unto you...." He is replacing, or tightening the reins a tad bit more then what was allowed under the Old Covenant.

Brother, I perceive the writer of this article is wanting to ease the conscience of those 'caught in the remarriage trap'. If there is no issue, why do these people oftentimes bring this issue up to people who they perceive to have it all together? Does this not tell you the Holy Spirit is putting red flags into their conscience and they do not like what they sense in their spirit?

Brother, if my memory serves me right, I think you have stated on another post you are divorced and if you are 'normal' you want to be married. May I suggest you surrender this desire to the Creator and ask Him how He would have you serve Him? Brother, it just might be that by being single you can serve the kingdom of God in a way you could not otherwise, even if you would be in a legitimate marriage. Some get so focused on being married and think the world begins and ends with being married - this comes from the devil because it is a distortion of realities. If you find yourself single, God may have another job for you to do. I know of a brother who was divorced because be became a Believer. After studying the Word he became convicted that remarrying would be sin. Presently, he is involved with foreign students at Mississippi State University and introducing them to the LORD. I heard the testimony of one such student who was a communist from China. He came to the LORD and is now in training to return to his country as a missionary! Brother, this would likely not have happened if he had stayed in Memphis. Brother, God can and will take the wounded and fix them up so they can serve Him effectively.

My thoughts....

Blessings to you,

Sandra Miller

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