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Witchcraft In The South Korean Church (discernment video)

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 Christian ! Beware of Impartation ! 
The Holy Spirit,it is said in God's Word will flow up out of our bellies ( inner man, our spirit)like rivers of Living Water.He is not 'imparted' on to us through someone else by words( yells!)or touch. This is eastern mystisim.Do not let anyone lay hands on you or yell at you! Something will happen, believe me I know!But it won't be Holy.How holy is it to laugh at your fellow Christian who is screaming in fear and rolling on the floor. Would God who created mankind in his image make a person behave in such base ways, especially in public on camera. Yes, in the Gospels Christ cast out demons and there were manifestations, but they were UNBELIEVERS, how can a person claiming to be a christian and so has God's Holy Spirit within have also a demon! This is NOT scriptural.Dear Christian,the manifestations will be real and feel real but it is deception.I am not judging nor am I ignorant of such things, I have gone through such experiences myself. We must descern the FRUIT not the demonstrat

 needing Discernment indeed! 
I do not speak Korean, so I cannot understand any of this... I would like to know what was happening for the entire service... a snap short is not an accurate picture. I have seen many things in my life in, and out of, the Church, what did Jesus say? Does it magnify the Father? Does it magnify the Son? Does it magnify the Spirit? While some people m,ay get a "bit zealous" be wary of casting judgement. Just ask God to expose the truth to proect the people

 Something different 
I'm a member of an assembly of God church. Baptism in the Holy Spirit Is evident with the gift of speaking in tongues. I have seen the Holy Spirit move in a mighty way before, with people running, jumping, falling. But this is VERY different. I agree a lot of this is emotional, not spiritual. And at some times it seems very much like demonic possession brought on by the power in the speakers words. A move of the Holy Spirit is often times just as drastic, but this is not an example thereof. God bless all, Jesus is Lord!

 Lost in Deception 
It's terrible that so many people are being deceived. My heart goes out to them. If they were acting that way out on the street, they would be rushed to the hospital. I have heard of these kinds of services before but had never seen one. Praise God that we can be set free by the Truth!

 Quite Sad 
This looks very much like many of the Pentecostal churches that you find in the U.S. as well as in various parts of the Caribbean and West Africa. Although it would be nice to understand what he is saying that is producing this response, it sounds like emotionalism is completely taking over this church in particular and in some of these cases, it seems very much like demon possession. This is quite sad and I pray that those who are hungry for God see this as deception and counterfeit.

 One of many. 
Many churches in S.Korea use God for their own and power. This church or event is quite evident of the many ways in which Christ's name is being rubbed in the rubbish here in Korea. If healing is not preached it is prosperity and blessings in the giving of income. Also, add confuscinism and you have 'pastors' who become untouchable.

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