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Christ's Call: Radical Obedience by K.P. Yohannan

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 Oh To Die That We May Live! 
May God Grant Us Repentance! Lord forgive me for my lukewarmness! Oh God grant that you would give me your Heart to Love your Eyes to see, your Ears to hear, your Hands to minister, and your Feet to go! In your Mercy and Grace stamp eternity on my eyes!

 God bless Brother K.P. 
After listening to this message, I am ashamed for being so uncaring and lukewarm. May the Lord stamp eternity on our eyelids and break our hearts with the things that break His heart.

 What passion to love the Lord and the Lost. 
I feel so inadequate after hearing/watching Brother Yohannon....not condemned, not unworthy, but recognizing so much of my own selfishness is so easily mistaken for something other than what the Lord is asking from me. I thank the Lord for directing me tonight to view this message but more than that I want Jesus to radicalize me so much more, to have my heart broken for how excessive I am and change my focus and desires to line up with the message Brother Yohannan has so faithfully done to honor the Lord Jesus. I am convicted and convinced that God will continue to open my heart and opportunities to pray for the lost of Asia and give as He leads.

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