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Video Sermons : Zac Poonen :  (Last Days) Great Deception by Zac Poonen

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(Last Days) Great Deception by Zac Poonen

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 Love For The Truth 
This is a very powerful sermon that all truth seekers should listen to. Deception is so rampant today, but only those who belong to Christ will be spared.

 (Last Days) Great Deception by Zac Poonen) 
The very hard time for Paul in his era was not from those who had no bible,not from those who did not read the bible,or not from those who had different religion.But it was from those who had the bible,read the bible,did minister in the temple based on the OLD COVANENT and also strongly from those who call Jesus as their savior,who preach the gospel.What was the hard time the so-called christians in that era used to impose on Paul?Used to mix Truth and false doctrine togather to be TRUTH. The same is true in this era too.Let me share you one principle: False plus False is equal to FALSE. True plus True is equal to TRUE and True plus False is equal to FALSE(Nowadays misleading and Dangerous)

 Powerfull Brother Zac 
This sermon is powerful and is very needed by many to hear, because many are lost and are decieved and are being decieved right now. Many preachers today are only after money, and they don't preach and they don't wanna preach the Truth. May the good Lord rchily bless you and give you more courage to speak the Word freely and bold. I hope you can also come to South Africa,because hear in SA many preachers are after money, and the Truth of Gospel is so scarce.

 truth about the end times  
Glory to God Almighty,because there are still preachers who peach against sin and deception.Many 'preachers' are on the air today leading people to a lost eternity,saying that you can have your best life now and doing many false miracles,we know them by name.God is no respector of persons and they will get their just reward.God warned us that by their fruits they will be known..hungry for money and power only..

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