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Video Sermons : Leonard Ravenhill :  "Challenge Demon Power" - Leonard Ravenhill

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"Challenge Demon Power" - Leonard Ravenhill

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 Meeting Satan Face to Face ! 
When meeting the Pharisees once again, Don't expect Satan to be nice to you for you are to him Trash tring to hurt him ! Walk up to the biggest Drug dealer and say, Have you got a minute so I can tell you about Jesus and how he can save you ! You will get the same responce as to Satan, Pharisees, or a big Drug Dealer ! He will not be nice at all ! Learn to get out of the way for he will view you as another drug dealer tring to take over his territory ! Oh yea, You better have that whole Armor of God on when this takes place !

 Not sure who the person on the clip The Prophecy Club 
Very good - however, not sure why the subject matter does not change. I was reviewing the short clip from the person with the backdrop Prophecy Club. However, the posting title is Challenge Demon Power - Leonard Ravenhill.

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