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Radical Christianity Is Normal by Francis Chan

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 Francis speaks it out! 
I LOVE this man preaching. You can see almost every time the struggle he has to tell it right like it is but at the same time, being 90´s-style kind and try not to offend or shake people in their believe, taking it carefully. I would not say he is backing out on his standpoint but seemingly trying to wrap the bitter pill in something supposedly more easy digestible. After all, this can´t be a popular position Francis Chan is holding in his preaching among most Christians, especially in the US, though giving way to one of my personal presumptions about American Christians i will definitely not exclude my fellow European Christians either. For me personally it fits bulls eye and reminds me of Paris Reidheads own "parable" of the successful young preacher that comes to him for advice in his sermon on humanism, "Ten Shekels and a Shirt" which totally blew me away and changed my view on my own believe and FASTENED it, no, cast it in God´s Eternal Mortar by his divine grace through the hol

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