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Video Sermons : Zac Poonen :  Christians Will Face Persecution by Zac Poonen

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Christians Will Face Persecution by Zac Poonen

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 An Enlightening Experience 
As a Christian for so many years, I have never been exposed to this type of preaching. It's undiluted, pure, uncompromising and scriptural, and only those who seek for truth - being hungry and thirsty for righteousness will readily receive it. The true Christian rests on the hope of Jesus' coming and purifies himself from the stains of this present evil world.

 We are in the last days 
This is an excellent sermon that challenges us to give up worldy pursuits and prepare for the last days. Poonen is strong in his statement, "If you don't know the New Testament, then you deserve persecution!" We must ready ourselves! Persecution comes from within (wolves in sheep's clothing) and without (forcing us to publicly deny or stand for Christ.) We become ready by the reading of the Word.

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