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Video Sermons : David Wilkerson :  David Wilkerson On Weird Manifestations

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David Wilkerson On Weird Manifestations

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 Holy Spirit 
David is right, the Holy Spirit is a Spirit of self-control, i think sometimes people can get caught up in the flesh and their emotions and follow that instead of the Holy Spirit, this is why we see people crawling and barking like dogs and such.....

 Honest evaluation 
There is a difference between something being "unusual" and something "weird" and Pastor Wilkerson is making an honest distinction and he's doing it with true discernment and a broken spirit out of a heart of love. Jesus is NOT being magnified thru these weird manifestation.

 unconventional,but not unbiblical 
there are many scriptures that refer to laughing in the bible,job8:20-21psalms 37:13,52:6the fact that something is unconventional or weird should not provoke automatic wariness the prophets did some weird things Isaiah walked barefoot and naked for 3 years Is20:1-4 ezekiel had to lay on his left side for 3 hundred ninety days & on his right for for forty days.supernatural activity in the church should be regarded with neither blind faith or cynical skepticism but we are instructed to test all things Ithes5:21 we must apply scripture to test Heb5:14 says but solid food is for the mature who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil discernment and a diet of solid spiritaul food will enable us 2 assess the authenticity of signs we encounter.Amen

 Affirms what I long suspected 
Years ago in Australia, the "Holy Laughter" hit a very well-known church that I visited once in a while (I was a member and regular attendee of a smaller community fellowship). I used to like going to this avant-garde chirch for the stirring praise and worship. I was dismayed to learn that the man responsible for much of the original music had left that church becuase he just could not agree with the pastor that this "Holy Laughter" was of the Spirit of God.

 False Revival 
This is an excellant sermon!! Alot of this so-called "Move of the Spirit" is FOOLISHNESS!!

 Brokeness of a Prophet! 
Brother Wilkerson shares his broken heart over the situation in the church and the false manifestations and signs and wonders in many groups today. Oh that we might have a godly broken heart over these things also.

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