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Video Sermons : Zac Poonen :  (Heavenly Life) Heavenly Attitudes by Zac Poonen

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(Heavenly Life) Heavenly Attitudes by Zac Poonen

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 Always spot on 
I have never heard Brother Zac miss. In the few long weeks since I have turned back to The Lord, the Holy spirit through him has helped me so much. His gentle speech carries a great deal of weight. Praise Jesus for true Christianity.

 The Holy Spirit Prompts 
This is the third time that the Lord has brought a similar message to me in 10 days. Praise Him for being patient and thankyou brother Zac for re-inforcing the message in such a spirit filled way. A wonderful sermon delivered by a very Holy man.

 Heavenly Attitudes 
I am grateful to this sermon through Brother Zac. Now I know that we should really be salt in this earth and be heavenly minded. God has led me to hear this sermon. Praise the Lord for his guidance.

 Praise The Lord 
I thank God an the Holy Spirit for allowing me to find this site,I really this type of preaching...jus what I am trying to live in my life,

 great word 
i think brother zac speaks so clearly and straight of the word of God.

 bring a taste of heaven 
I just came into your website & searched for sermons I found zac poonen It was my first time I had ever heard him. I loved his truthfullnes. In my personal private worship with Yeshua I too have seen heaven. This is very good & I look forward into listening more of his sermons. I will share these teachings with my other fellow believers when we meet again. Thanks, maria .

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