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Alan Bartley ( - )

Listen to freely downloadable audio sermons by the speaker Alan Bartley in mp3 format. The Lifeboat Mission Lisburn was formed when Pastor Bertie Johnston of The Lifeboat Mission, Grange Corner, Moy, was clearly led of the Lord to start a work in Lisburn along with Evangelist Alan Bartley. Alan, originally from Moy, County Tyrone, was converted to Christ in 1982. Five years after his conversion he received the call of God to the ministry. As an evangelist he has preached the Gospel extensively, in Northern Ireland and also in Scotland, and had previously worked alongside Bertie. The work commenced in a hall (formerly The Friends Meeting House) in Railway Street in November 1995 Meetings were held in a hall (formerly The Friends Meeting House) in Railway Street since November 1995 but regrettably they had to vacate the Railway Street premises in May 2008 and temporally, meetings are being held in a nearby city centre church.

The Lifeboat Mission Lisburn is a non-denominational preaching house with the aim of winning souls to Jesus Christ, encouraging Christians towards a deeper walk with God and seeking God for an outpouring of His Holy Spirit on our land.

 A Carnival Near Hell! by Alan Bartley

Topic: Hell
Scripture(s): Genesis 19  
Description: nil
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 Revival! by Alan Bartley

Topic: Revival
Scripture(s): Isaiah 63:15  
Description: nil
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 The Great Judgement by Alan Bartley

Topic: Judgement Seat
Scripture(s): Revelation 20:12  
Description: nil
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 When do we need revival? by Alan Bartley

Topic: Ulster Revival
Scripture(s): Psalm 85  
Description: When do we need revival? 1. When God's presence is withdrawn 2. When presumption is widespread 3. When contentedness prevails 4. When holiness is ignored 5. When prayer is anaemic 6. When soulwinning is neglected
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 Ye Must Be Born Again by Alan Bartley

Topic: New Birth
Scripture(s): John 3:7  
Description: nil
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