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Oswald J. Smith

Oswald J. Smith (1889 - 1986)

Listen to freely downloadable audio sermons by the speaker Oswald J. Smith in mp3 format. Was a Canadian pastor, author, and missions advocate. He founded The People's Church in Toronto in 1928. Over the course of eighty years he preached more than 12,000 sermons in 80 countries, wrote thirty-five books (with translations into 128 languages), as well as 1,200 poems, of which 100 have been set to music, including "Deeper and Deeper" (first line "Into the heart of Jesus").

The great burden of Oswald J. Smith's Christian life was to see the lost come to the Lord. He was well known for the motto: "We talk of the Second Coming; half the world has never heard of the first." and "No one has the right to hear the gospel twice, while there remains someone who has not heard it once."

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The Revival We Need by Oswald J. Smith
The Challenge of Missions by Oswald J. Smith
The Passion For Souls by Oswald J. Smith

 50 Years of the People's Church by Oswald J. Smith

Topic: Anniversary
Description: nil
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 A Message For New Christians by Oswald J. Smith

Topic: New Christians
Description: nil
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 A Victorious Christian Life by Oswald J. Smith

Topic: Victory
Description: nil
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 Are Not The Religions Of The Heathen Good Enough For Them by Oswald J. Smith

Topic: Heathen
Description: nil
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 Assurance of Salvation by Oswald J. Smith

Topic: Assurance
Description: nil
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 Can We Have a Revival? by Oswald J. Smith

Topic: Revival
Scripture(s): 2 Chronicles 7:14  
Description: In this sermon, Oswald Smith helps us answer the question, how can we have revival today? Smith profoundly states that revival is the result of a price paid—it costs to have a revival. He says that we must get right with God, we must travail in prayer, we must preach the word of God, not human opinion, and we must work in the anointing of the Holy Spirit. What are you willing to do to see revival in your life? In the United States? In the world?
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 Christ Lord and Master by Oswald J. Smith

Topic: Lordship Of Jesus Christ
Scripture(s): 1 John 1:7  
Description: This message starts with a singing of a old hymn: Leaning on the everlasting arms, followed by a long announcement time and ending with another hymn before Oswald J. Smith gives his message. There is a time of blank space that needs to be forwarded before his message. What message would you say to the multitudes, would you say something comforting or something convicting? This is a great message that shows what a true disciple is and what is the message the Lord Jesus preached.
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 Eternal Life by Oswald J. Smith

Topic: Eternal Life
Scripture(s): 1 John 5:9-13  
Description: Mr Smith expounds on this powerful portion of scripture. Everything begins with God is the first point he makes in this sermon. Salvation and eternal life begins with God and is a gift. This message is a very solid clear message on the salvation of God, this passage of scripture was written that you "may believe" and "have life". Everlasting life is a free gift offered to all today.
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 Fifty Years Of The People's Church by Oswald J. Smith

Topic: Memorial
Description: nil
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 First and Second Coming by Oswald J. Smith

Topic: Second Coming Of Christ
Description: nil
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 Five Solemn Facts by Oswald J. Smith

Topic: Solemn
Description: nil
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 God's Law by Oswald J. Smith

Topic: Law Of God
Description: nil
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 Golden Jubilee by Oswald J. Smith

Topic: Jubilee
Description: nil
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 Hear, Believe, Trust by Oswald J. Smith

Topic: Trust
Description: nil
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 How God Called Me To A World-Wide Ministry by Oswald J. Smith

Topic: Testimony
Description: nil
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 How God Called Me To A World-Wide Ministry (Full Recording) by Oswald J. Smith

Topic: Ministry
Description: This is a cleaned up recording with better volume of this message and it also includes the full recording.
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 How God Taught me to Give by Oswald J. Smith

Topic: Giving
Description: nil
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 How to Evangelize the World by Oswald J. Smith

Topic: World Evangelization
Description: nil
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 Man's ruin and God's remedy by Oswald J. Smith

Topic: Depravity Of Man
Description: nil
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 Prophecy - What Lies Ahead? by Oswald J. Smith

Topic: Prophecy
Description: nil
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