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Duncan Campbell

Duncan Campbell (1898 - 1972)

Listen to freely downloadable audio sermons by the speaker Duncan Campbell in mp3 format. Used of God in the Hebrides revival in Scotland in the 1950's where the presence of God was manifest in a powerful way. In this later years he became the principal of the Faith Mission Bible College.

His burden was for revival in the Church and also holiness in daily Christian experience. He clearly shared the burden of the Lord for His body to be purified in the last days. He preached the true baptism of the Spirit that makes men holy in light of a Holy God.

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 Aaron's Failure by Duncan Campbell

Topic: Failure
Scripture(s): Exodus 32:7-10  
Description: Campbell compares Aaron's golden calf with modern evangelistic models that compromise with the world to make the Gospel more palatable to the world. But separation from the world "is necessary to the success the church's evangelistic endeavor." To rescue the lost from the morass of sin, we must be standing on solid ground ourselves.
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 Action And Obedience by Duncan Campbell

Topic: Obedience
Scripture(s): Matthew 21:1-7  
Description: Duncan Campbell speaks very plainly and directly towards the root causes of what hinder revival, namely not obeying the voice of the Lord and holding on to secret sins. God desires to 'open the floodgates of glory' but obedience is a fundamental truth for blessing. Campbell appeals to the simple yielding of oneself to Christ and like the donkey being serviceable for Him to meet the need.
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 And the Country was Filled with Water by Duncan Campbell

Topic: Baptism Of The Holy Spirit
Scripture(s): 2 Kings 3:10-20  
Description: Duncan Campbell preached this strong word on the baptism in the Holy Spirit at a camp meeting in America in the 1960's. "You can't work up revival, but you can do the digging"--a breaking through the dry crust of our hearts and removing the 'stones', anything that would hinder a consecrated life to God. The sermon is alive with vivid revival accounts, as with its sister sermon, "Lacking One Thing".
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 Building the Walls by Duncan Campbell

Topic: Prayer Life
Scripture(s): Nehemiah 6:1-4  
Description: Duncan Campbell draws principles from the life of Nehemiah to illustrate the qualities of a man who is diligent in prayer, labor and vision, yet is able to let God do the rest. He closes with sober call to those who have left the work of God in compromise to let God 'restore the year of the locust'.
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 Can Two Walk Together Except They Be Agreed by Duncan Campbell

Topic: Walking With God
Scripture(s): Amos 3:3  
Description: "Is there anything in my life," asks Duncan Campbell, "in disagreement with God?" He shares four major principles (like the sister sermon, "Walking With God") that we must be in agreement with God for revival. There is a price to pay for revival--absolute yieldedness to God. "Are your souls thirsty that you're prepared for an absolute surrender in every department of your life?"
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 Dry Valleys Filled With Water by Duncan Campbell

Topic: Spirit Of God
Description: nil
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 Duncan Campbell's Testimony by Duncan Campbell

Topic: Testimony
Description: nil
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 God Indwelling Us by Duncan Campbell

Topic: Christ In Us
Description: nil
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 God's Answer to the cry of Unbelief by Duncan Campbell

Topic: Unbelief
Scripture(s): Exodus 17:5-14  
Description: The answer to our cry of unbelief is getting the rod of God into our hands, which Campbell explains is our need of the supernatural and heaven's anointing. Are we men of vision, on the top of the hill like Moses, above the world and its ways? "The hand that holds the rod must be a clean hand," as well as empty and outstretched, Campbell teaches, if we will be rid of unreality in our Christian experience and be a transmitter of God's presence to others.
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 Heart preparation for revival by Duncan Campbell

Topic: Revival
Scripture(s): 1 John 1  
Description: "Revival begins in His heart, and He operates through my life." God's operation through His people as "agents of revival" though must have a gripping desire for reality. "A God-sent revival," he said, "must ever be related to holiness and separation." The three conditions of this preparation are getting into the light (heart-searching prayer), acknowledging what the light reveals (repentance), and walking in the light (obedience). Campbell seriously challenges those who would see revival (not just dream about it) to be unsparingly honest about themselves.
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 His Testimony And Conversion by Duncan Campbell

Topic: Testimony
Scripture(s): Psalm 66:8-20  
Description: A very powerful testimony of conversion not by a man but by God who wrought a wonderful work of regeneration in mr. campbells soul. He recieved the baptism with the Holy Spirit and was used powerfully in the revival of 1921. Then he went through a barren wilderness for 17 years in the ministry. But again God revived his heart and he experienced the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the famous Hebrides Revival. The summation of this testimony is very powerful where he asks the listener if God could do this for him why not us? are we willing to 'go through with God' at any cost?
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 Is the Lord among us by Duncan Campbell

Topic: Consecration
Scripture(s): Exodus 17:5-16  
Description: "We all have our Amalek," Campbell says, but how do we react to hell's engagement? Starting with a personal testimony seeing first hand the warfare of the devil in a crowded farmhouse packed with sinners seeking salvation, he segues into the vital necessity of character before God--clean hands and a pure heart. Campbell repeatedly warns against the overemphasis of man in modern evangelism, hymns and even one's own consecration, pleading for God to be all in all.
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 Lacking One Thing by Duncan Campbell

Topic: Consecration
Scripture(s): 2 Kings 3:14-20  
Description: Campbell extracts principles for revival from 2 Kings 3 where the lack of water refers to the one thing that would ensure victory: the power of the Holy Ghost. The three main points were 1) the futility of mere human effort, 2) faith that wins through, and 3) the fulness that met the need. Brother Duncan powerfully illustrates a spirit of inquiry and an acknowledgement of need in the Arnol revival "when the farmhouse shook". "The digging may involve a cost," he challenged, a self-denial of forgetting oneself "in a desire to prepare the way for God."
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 Lewis Land of Revival (Revival Testimonies) by Duncan Campbell

Topic: Revival History
Description: Here are the testimonies from those who were touched by God in this extraordinary movement on the island of Lewis. There is so much preaching and teaching on revival in our day but hear from eye-witnesses God moving in revival power!
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 Meeting a Need by Duncan Campbell

Topic: Obedience
Description: God wants to meet our need. In this sermon, Duncan explains that there is no moral virtue in obedience unless there is recognition of a higher authority that calls for that obedience. What does that type of obedience look like? That means you have to hand Jesus the keys to every room in your life. Do you still hold on to a key?
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 Principles That Govern Spiritual Awakenings - Part 1 by Duncan Campbell

Topic: Spiritual Awakening
Scripture(s): Psalm 85  
Description: An exposition of the "Revival Psalm" that emphasizes the sovereignty of God in Revival and in salvation. "Human faith" cannot save the soul; faith unto salvation is a gift from God. Revival cannot be produced by human endeavor; only God Himself can do that. The Lord initiates Revival; but man must respond. But Campbell, a Highland Calvinist, warns against extreme doctrines of sovereignty that deny human responsibility.
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 Principles That Govern Spiritual Awakenings - Part 2 by Duncan Campbell

Topic: Spiritual Awakening
Scripture(s): Psalm 85  
Description: In the second half of the message, Campbell supplements his exposition of Psalm 85 with several personal accounts of Revival, including the testimony of his seventeen "wilderness years" and his restoration.
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 Reality of the Divine in Christian Experience by Duncan Campbell

Topic: Conversion
Scripture(s): Colossians 2:1-7  
Description: What does it really mean to be in Christ? Duncan Campbell exposes shallow 'conversions' that do not bring about real change and a surrender to the lordship of Christ. Campbell weaves in some personal testimonies and revival experiences to compliment the topic. 'Are you moving,' Campbell warns, 'under a self-created illusion?'
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 Revival On The Isle Of Lewis by Duncan Campbell

Topic: Revival History
Scripture(s): Psalm 85:6  
Description: Listen to this first-hand account of the Lewis Revival during the early 1950s. Duncan Campbell was God's instrument in this extraordinary awakening. In this tape Campbell recounts point-by-point this three-year movement of the Holy Spirit over the Hebrides Islands. Thousands were converted, conviction overwhelmed villages, outward sin disappeared, and prayer meetings were packed! Your heart will be thrilled as you listen to this tape about this heaven-sent revival in Lewis.
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 Revive Us Again by Duncan Campbell

Topic: Revival
Scripture(s): Psalms 85, 2 Chronicles 7:14  
Description: This is not so much a teaching as it is the groanings of a burdened heart to exalt God above man to His rightful place in revival. Campbell shared several practical "principles that govern spiritual quickening." The differences between a God-sent revival and the man-centered evangelistic means of his day are truly heart-searching for anyone engaged in work to save men's souls. Since God's sovereignty does not nullify man's responsibility, Campbell admonished his hearers to be "agents of revival" that take God up on "His covenant engagement" in prayer and staying close to the heart of the Shepherd.
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