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 A Healthy Body by Dean Stump

Topic: Body Of Christ
Scripture(s): Ephesians 4:1-16  
Description: We need to see the importance of the local body of believers. God wants each of us to be a meaningful, healthy part. It isn¬ít possible to be the whole body ourselves. Being part of the local body is a protection from ¬ďevery wind of doctrine¬Ē. A healthy body doesn¬ít just depend on the preacher; it starts with everyone being a part.
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 A Very Present Help by Dean Stump

Topic: Protection
Scripture(s): Psalm 42, 2 Chronicles 32  
Description: God is a very present help! Lessons are drawn from numerous Bible characters. We can be delivered from the enemy. We shall not give in to hopelessness. Take issue with your free time. It is an absolute thrill to walk with the God of heaven. Be still and know that God is God.
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 Essential Remembering by Dean Stump

Topic: Remembrance
Scripture(s): Luke 22:19  
Description: What a wonderful mind God has given us! We have the ability to recall things, but things also tend to drain out of our mind. The question is, "What is essential to remember?" It is very important to God that we give diligence to remember some things, especially God Himself. A list of practical ways to do this is given.
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 Numbering Our Days by Dean Stump

Topic: Brevity Of Life
Scripture(s): Psalm 90:1-12  
Description: Life is a vapor, which vanishes away. We don’t know when our time is up. Therefore, it is important that we pray along with Moses that the Lord would teach us to number our days. We need to break down our lives into small allotments. Number your days, not as though they are ending, but rather beginning.
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 Shall a Man Rob God? by Dean Stump

Topic: Robbing God
Scripture(s): Exodus 20:15, Exodus 22:1   
Description: Stealing costs this nation billions of dollars per year. The Bible addresses stealing as a very serious matter. Yet, how many billions of dollars is God robbed of in tithes and offerings? Tithing is a universal principle. Christ didn’t lessen the standard of giving. Rather, the New Testament raises tithing to a higher level.
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 The Exalted Christ by Dean Stump

Topic: Jesus Christ
Scripture(s): Revelation 1:1-20, Colossians 1  
Description: Does Jesus Christ have an exalted place in your heart? Jesus is worthy of all of your hearts adoration. How is it with your first love for Christ? Are you enthralled with the fact that Jesus loves you and has forgiven your sins, or do you take it for granted?
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 The Fear Of The Lord by Dean Stump

Topic: Christian Life
Description: When we think of fear, it implies fright, anxiety, and a preferred avoidance. In the Bible, though fear may have those implications, it usually conveys reverence, awe, respect, and authority. The fear of the Lord produces wisdom, prolonged days, proving, dwelling at ease, a fountain of life, great confidence, and mercy. It is a wonderful thing to fear the Lord.
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 The Humility of God by Dean Stump

Topic: Humility
Description: God is humble. We have each been called to humbleness of mind. Do not seek great things for yourself. Are you unhappy with the way God is dealing with you or others? Do not despise the day of small things. God will do great things in your life, one little thing at a time.
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 The Last Words of a Martyr by Dean Stump

Topic: Martyrdom
Description: nil
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 Tribulation Worketh by Dean Stump

Topic: Tribulation
Description: God uses the tribulation that come into our lives to work in our hearts for our good. If you respond wrongly to difficulty, you will miss the potential benefits. This message discusses four things that should be positive results of the tribulation that comes our way. Let God fulfill His purposes in you!
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 What Do Ye More Than Others? by Dean Stump

Topic: Loving Enemies
Description: Love your enemies! Do you only love those that love you? Sinners do that much. God justly expects more from us. God has been showing mercy on all mankind since the beginning of creation. Jesus made this a heart issue. Are you blessing those that curse you? What is your response to Jesus’ heart searching question?
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 Why a Personal Testimony? by Dean Stump

Topic: Testimony
Description: Why a public personal testimony? Share it to give evidence, and bear an honest report of God working in you life. The Apostle Paul often shared his personal testimony. A right testimony doesn’t glorify us. It influences and convicts others, and keeps us from cooling off spiritually. Let the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified in your life through a personal testimony.
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