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Listen to freely downloadable audio sermons by the speaker Roger Ellsworth in mp3 format. After coming to the knowledge of Christ at an early age, Roger Ellsworth began preaching at age 11 and pastoring at age 16. He has served as pastor of churches in Illinois, Kansas and Missouri. He is currently living in Jackson, TN, and is serving as Pastor of Parkview Baptist Church. He is also the author of 51 books, including “The Bible Book by Book,” which is one of Evangelical Press’ best-selling titles. He has also written many articles for Christian magazines.

He served for two years as President of the Illinois Baptist State Association and for 10 years as trustee of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, two of which he was the chairman of the board. He and his wife Sylvia have two sons, Tim and Marty. Tim is the news and media relations director for Union University, Jackson, Tennessee. Marty is the pastor of the Emmaus Road Baptist Church, Whittington, Illinois. Roger and Sylvia also have five grandchildren, Daniel, Emmalee, Noah, Isaiah and Eramin.

 A Call To Full-Sized Christianity by Roger Ellsworth

Topic: Christianity
Scripture(s): 1 Corinthians 15:57-58  
Description: So many today want to down-size their Christian life, but we need Christians who are full-sized in: 1-faith 2-service 3-confidence.
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 A Shepherd For The Multitude by Roger Ellsworth

Topic: Shepherd
Scripture(s): Mark 6:30-44  
Description: The feeding of the 5000 shows that Jesus is the caring shepherd, the feeding shepherd, and the sufficient shepherd.
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 Christ As Our King by Roger Ellsworth

Topic: Christ
Scripture(s): Luke 1:31-33, John 18:33-37  
Description: In his kingly office, the Lord Jesus subdues sinners and sets up his throne in their hearts.
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 Christ As Our Priest by Roger Ellsworth

Topic: Christ
Scripture(s): Hebrews 2:17, Hebrews 7:25-28  
Description: One part of Jesus' priestly work was to make atonement for the sins of His people. 1-Why do sins have to be taken out of the way for God to be at peace with sinners? 2-What did Jesus do to take our sins out of the way?
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 Christ As Our Prophet by Roger Ellsworth

Topic: Christ
Scripture(s): Matthew 21:11, Hebrews 1:1-2  
Description: A prophet represents God to men. As God's prophet Jesus declares to us: 1-the reality of God 2-the nature of God 3-the reality of human sin 4-the way our sins can be forgiven.
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 Christian Growth by Roger Ellsworth

Topic: Growth
Scripture(s): 1 Peter 1:5, 22-2:3  
Description: GPS-Guidance in Practical Spirituality. Christian growth is an important part of practical Christian living. 1-The desire for growth 2-The areas of growth 3-The means of growth
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 Gathered To His People by Roger Ellsworth

Topic: Abraham
Scripture(s): Genesis 25:7-8  
Description: In this account or Abraham's death we have a sparkling jewel. Abraham was "gathered to his people". 1-The sense in which Abraham was gathered to his people. 2-The way in which Abraham came to possess this great blessing.
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 Satisfied To Do Little When We Should Be Doing Much by Roger Ellsworth

Topic: Tests
Scripture(s): 2 Kings 13:14-19  
Description: Elisha is on his deathbed when he receives a visit from King Joash, who seeks Elisha's counsel concerning the dilemma he is in. Elisha gives Joash a test which he fails because he was satisfied to do little when he should have done much. 1-The good cause 2-The sufficient resources 3-The missing element
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 Shepherding God's Flock by Roger Ellsworth

Topic: Church
Scripture(s): Acts 20:17-38  
Description: This account of Paul's farewell to the Ephesian elders is powerful and riveting. Paul knew that this would be his last meeting with these elders whom he had come to love during his long ministry in Ephesus. We see here: 1-the shepherd 2-the shepherd's flock.
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 Spiritual Readiness by Roger Ellsworth

Topic: Readiness
Scripture(s): Acts 21:1-14  
Description: In this passage we see the apostle Paul's readiness to preach the gospel anywhere and his readiness to die for Christ. How do we explain Paul's spiritual readiness? 1-He was guided by the Spirit. 2-He was motivated by love for Christ. 3-He was fortified by the fellowship of other believers.
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 The Capstone Set To The Cries Of "Grace! Grace!" by Roger Ellsworth

Topic: Grace
Scripture(s): Zechariah 4:6-10  
Description: Three lines drawn from this passage to our own day: 1-A line from the ruins of Solomon's temple to a far greater ruin 2-A line from that Zerubbabel to a far greater Zerubbabel 3-A line from that capstone to a far greater capstone. Just as the capstone of the rebuilt temple was put in place to the cries of "grace, grace", so the capstone of redemption will one day be put in place, and the cry of the glorified church will be, "Grace! Grace!".
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 The Challenge To The Church In Chilling Times by Roger Ellsworth

Topic: Church
Scripture(s): Acts 12:1-16  
Description: 1-It is crucial for believers to have hearts for God and his work. 2-It is crucial for believers to count the cost and be willing to pay the price for having hearts for God. 3-It is crucial that believers be great believers and great prayers.
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 The Darkness-Despeller in Darkness by Roger Ellsworth

Scripture(s): Matthew 27:45-46  
Description: nil
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 The Power Of The Gospel And The Poison Of The Devil by Roger Ellsworth

Topic: Gospel
Scripture(s): Acts 14:1-7  
Description: 1-The power of the Gospel 2-The poison of the devil

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 The Tower Builders And The Name Game by Roger Ellsworth

Topic: Babel
Scripture(s): Genesis 11:1-9  
Description: The tower of Babel: 1-The context of this story 2-The character of this tower 3-The curse of Babel
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 The University Of The Burning Bush by Roger Ellsworth

Topic: Preparation
Scripture(s): Exodus 3:1-8  
Description: Moses was trained in Pharaoh's university in all the wisdom Egypt had to offer. But at the burning bush Moses is enrolled in God's university and learns important truths about God, about the people of God, and about the Christ of God.

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 The Ups And Downs Of Faith by Roger Ellsworth

Topic: Faith
Scripture(s): Genesis 12:4-13:4  
Description: As Christians, walking the life of faith, we have ups and downs in our faith and can learn lessons from Abraham's experiences. 1-Abraham succeeding in his faith 2-Abraham falling in his faith 3-Abraham being renewed in his faith
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