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 Constructive Bible Reading by Paul Hershberger

Description: We have more time and energy in our youth to devote to the Word of God. We must build a foundation of the Bible in our lives. Our livelihood in Jesus depends on consistent Bible reading. As we lay this foundation, we will be able to see the whole picture of the Bible.
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 Enduring Prayer Warriors by Paul Hershberger

Description: In our youth we must learn to be enduring prayer warriors. There will be times when we feel like quitting, but God calls us to persevere in prayer. Bring your body under subjection. God will then be able to use you!
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 Jesus-Lord of All by Paul Hershberger

Description: As young people, we need to set a standard in our lives that Jesus must be Lord of all. If we make Him Lord of all, not reserving anything for ourselves, we will be as a glass of pure water¬ófull and overflowing. We will have a fruitful, abundant life. Is Jesus Lord of all in your life?
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 Submission and Humility by Paul Hershberger

Description: It is essential that we learn to humble ourselves and submit to authority. Even Jesus was subject to authority. When we learn these things God pours grace into our lives and we are enabled to live a victorious life; one that brings honor to Christ.
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 The Spirit and Message of My Life by Paul Hershberger

Description: What is the spirit and message that I am portraying in my life? Is it that of a twisting, lying serpent, or a harmless, gentle dove? A serpent does not like to be exposed to the light. A dove lives in transparency. Do I live my life in such a way that God can say, "This is my beloved son/daughter..."?
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