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 Plain Christians in a Vain World by David Cooper

Topic: Plain Christians
Description: nil
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 The Continuing Decline of Modesty by David Cooper

Topic: Modesty
Description: nil
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 The Exaltation in Salvation Amid Tribulation by David Cooper

Topic: Tribulation
Description: nil
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 The Grace of Jesus in Delaying Judgment by David Cooper

Topic: Judgment
Description: nil
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 The Manifold Excellence of Jesus Christ by David Cooper

Topic: Jesus Christ
Description: Bring together the most excellent men, and Jesus Christ surpasses them all! There is none like unto Him. Heaven exalts Him; earth should do the same. Many points are brought out about our Lord. May we become more like Christ as His virtues are lifted up before us.
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 The Sequence of Election by David Cooper

Topic: Election
Scripture(s): 1 Peter 1:1-3  
Description: David Cooper shares honestly and full-heartily his belief in what biblical election means. He shares some of dangers of Calvinism that can lead to fatalism. He speaks on the sequence of election on how God has foreknowledge of the choices men make. There is much to be learnt from this sermon by any believer from any theological background. Note: comments about brother paul washer are made in their local church setting and is not way meant anyway to slander to demean this brothers name. fully supports and promotes Paul Washer's messages, there is much to be learnt from brother Paul no matter what theological backing you may be.
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 This Is the Sum by David Cooper

Topic: Law And Grace
Description: A review of the Abrahamic Covenant and the New Covenant clarifies the need and completeness of this New Covenant. Jesus is our High Priest, One who mediates between God and man. He does so with the power of an endless life, and is able to intercede for man at the throne of grace and mercy.
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 To See the Living God by David Cooper

Topic: Character Of God
Description: David Cooper presents a majestic picture of God through the first chapter of Ezekiel. God's glory and splendor upon His throne is beautifully described. He challenges us that one day we will stand before that awesome God. Are we ready?
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 Why Sleep Ye? Rise and Pray by David Cooper

Topic: Prayer Life
Description: Do you find keeping your faith fresh to be a labor? Do you at times lose alertness? The answer lays in earnest, honest prayers. Prayer is our lifeline. This clear and practical teaching offers many points on prayer. Warnings and admonitions on prayer are also given.
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 Your Conscience, the Cross, True Faith, False Religion by David Cooper

Topic: Conscience
Description: nil
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