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 A Balm in Gilead—Caring One for Another by Emanuel Esh

Topic: Healing
Description: When Jesus came to earth, He took our infirmities and pains upon Himself. There is healing and balm in Christ for the hurting. God calls us to also be sensitive to the hurts of those around us. Just as all of our body caters to the needs of one hurt member, so it should be in Christ's body.
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 Assurance of Salvation by Emanuel Esh

Topic: Assurance
Description: This is a beautiful message lifting up Jesus. Assurance of salvation comes when we focus on what Christ has already done. Our faith in Christ's finished work on the cross is essential to our salvation.
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 Courage to Show Forth the Fullness of God by Emanuel Esh

Topic: Courage
Description: nil
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 Divine Visitation by Emanuel Esh

Topic: Visitation
Description: Many times in the Old Testament when there was a visitation from God, He dealt hard with sin, but brought deliverance to his people. In the New Testament God shows His redeeming love in visitations. When we meet with God, it changes our view of Him and ourselves.
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 Failures That Hinder Christian Usefulness by Emanuel Esh

Topic: Failure
Description: Four hinderances for usefulness—1. Failure to go on in sanctification. 2. Failure in fitting into a local body. 3. Failure in responding to testing. 4.Failure in the area of brokenness. The process of bread-making is used to illustrate God's working with us in all of these areas.
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 Fatherlessness, the Cry of Ishmael by Emanuel Esh

Topic: Ishmael
Description: nil
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 Freedom from Witchcraft and Unclean Spirits by Emanuel Esh by Emanuel Esh

Topic: Witchcraft
Scripture(s): John 1:4-5  
Description: Emmanuel Esh gives a powerful testimony of his conversion to Christ from uncleanness of his past in witchcraft without knowing it. He gives scriptural basis and testimonies of believers who are involved in witchcraft and need deliverance. This message will set many free into the light of Jesus Christ.
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 Gird Up Now Thy Loins by Emanuel Esh

Topic: Obedience
Description: nil
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 God's Purpose for the Church by Emanuel Esh

Topic: Purpose Of God
Description: God is building His church and will keep building it. When the people of God lose His vision of building the church, He allows their witness to fall into the dust. The church of today is waiting for the world to come in, but God wants the church to go into all the world. Is the church alive?
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 Pressing Toward the Mark by Emanuel Esh

Topic: Perfection
Description: nil
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 Principles Behind The Woman's Headcovering by Emanuel Esh

Topic: Headcovering
Scripture(s): 1 Corinthians 11:1-16, 1 Corinthians 4:16-17   
Description: Reasons are given why the practice of wearing a headcovering is for all generations. Specific attention is given to the God-ordained order of authority, and the results that occur if this is not followed.
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 Prophets, Prophecy, and Prophesying by Emanuel Esh

Topic: Prophets
Description: nil
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 Restoration by Emanuel Esh

Topic: Restoration
Description: History is a story of God's mercy and continual work in bringing men back into restoration. Through the Word of God and the prophets He was continually calling men to Himself. His mercy was often shown to those who called on His name.
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 Sculpturing the Souls of Our Children by Emanuel Esh

Topic: Child Training
Scripture(s): Haggai 2:19  
Description: As parents, and particularly mothers, we are continually shaping the souls of our children. There can be no higher calling than this. The world will pass away and with it the sculpture's work, but our children's souls will live on for eternity.
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 Suffering And Dying - Our Supreme Weapon by Emanuel Esh

Topic: Suffering
Description: nil
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 Teaching Our Children Diligence by Emanuel Esh

Topic: Child Training
Description: nil
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 The Defeated Father by Emanuel Esh

Topic: Father
Scripture(s): 2 Samuel 8-13  
Description: Emanuel Esh examines principles from the life of King David, how externally he had many victories but suffered various defeats in his home life--a loss of discernment and authority. Esh drives home the importance of parents (particularly the father) drawing clear boundaries and being firm and consistent. In a society where children often rule the home, this is a sober warning of the consequences of parental neglect in the lives of children in years to come--when it may be too late.
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 The Glory Of God by Emanuel Esh

Topic: Glory Of God
Description: The story of God's love and mercy towards mankind from the beginning of creation to the end of Revelation is a beautiful one. His ultimate triumph over Satan is sure. This message is an inspiring quotation of scriptures from Genesis to Revelation that speak of the glorious gospel of Christ Jesus.
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 The Moving of God’s Spirit by Emanuel Esh

Topic: Holy Spirit
Description: nil
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 The Nature of Good and the Nature of Evil by Emanuel Esh

Topic: Love
Scripture(s): Genesis 1:11  
Description: When God created the world it was a picture of perfect beauty and harmony. Sin came, and the nature of evil to destroy and bring disunity was revealed. God's desire now for us as His children is to reflect His nature of unselfish love that gives. By dwelling in Him our lives can be lived with a beauty and harmony that will bring forth fruit.
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