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Hyman Appelman

Hyman Appelman (1902 - 1983)

Listen to freely downloadable audio sermons by the speaker Hyman Appelman in mp3 format. Hyman Appelman was born in Russia to orthodox Jewish parents who moved to America in 1914. Appelman became a trial lawyer in Chicago. At age twenty-eight he was converted to Christianity, causing his parents to disown him. His father said to him, "When your sides come together from hunger and you come crawling to my door, I will throw you a crust of bread as I would any other dog."

Feeling a definite call to preach, he attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and became one of the greatest evangelists of his generation. Dr. Appelman made eight or nine trips around the world and several trips to Russia as an evangelist. It was hard to find a day in his long ministry of fifty-three years that he was not preaching somewhere. He was the author of some forty books.

 Baptism By Fire by Hyman Appelman

Topic: Baptism
Description: nil
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 Pacific Garden Mission (Dramatic Reading) by Hyman Appelman

Topic: Dramatic Reading
Description: How do you do, Mind coming with us. We want you to meet a man who was well trained in logical thinking, who was skilled in separating truth from falsehood and that using either one when he came face to face with unmistakable truth he found it irresistible, even though following it cost him a great deal. Despite this loss, his heart, and mind, and life were unshackled.
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