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Miki Hardy

Miki Hardy ( - )

Listen to freely downloadable audio sermons by the speaker Miki Hardy in mp3 format. Miki Hardy was born and raised in Mauritius, and graduated from university in Australia in 1973. On returning to Mauritius he married Audrey and they were both born-again during charismatic meetings held in the Catholic Church. They started Eglise Chrétienne (Christian Church) with a group of believers in Curepipe, Mauritius, before travelling to Durban, South Africa to attended the Christian Bible Training College in 1979. They returned to Mauritius and to Eglise Chrétienne, and as a result of evangelism meetings, several churches were opened in Mauritius, Rodrigues, Reunion and the Seychelles. With the support of the local church, Miki and his wife Audrey began traveling to Africa to share what the Lord had done in their lives and in the church.

Together with other pastors, Pastor Miki founded Church Team Ministries International in 2001 to meet the growing demand of Christians on the African continent. Today CTMI consists of a network of churches in over 29 countries, with weekly radio and TV broadcasts that cover most of the continent. Pastor Miki Hardy continues to preach the message of the Cross and the grace of God; a message that transforms the life and ministry of Church Leadership and Christians. His desire to see restoration and unity in the lives of Church Leaders has continued to grow and motivate CTMI’s activities.

 (New Covenant) 1. The Glory of the New Covenant by Miki Hardy

Topic: New Covenant
Description: The New Covenant is very different to the Old Covenant. It is more personal, more profound, and so much more glorious because it’s about Christ living in us, the people of the New Covenant, in all His glory.
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 (New Covenant) 2. The Mark of the New Covenant by Miki Hardy

Topic: New Covenant
Description: God’s covenants with His people have always been established through the shedding of blood. In Exodus 24 we see that Moses inaugurated the Old Covenant by sprinkling blood on the people of Israel, and on the altar he had built
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 (New Covenant) 3. The Foundation of the New Covenant by Miki Hardy

Topic: New Covenant
Description: In order to understand the importance of the foundation of the New Covenant, we need first to look at the Old Covenant and see its role in the life of God’s people. Right from the start, Jehovah showed Himself to the Israelites as a God of holiness and righteousness. The Ten Commandments that Moses brought down from the mountain revealed a God who wanted His people to be holy and righteous, and to worship Him, and Him alone. Under the New Covenant, this has not changed. Today, God still wants us to live holy and righteous lives
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 (New Covenant) 4. The Sign of the New Covenant by Miki Hardy

Topic: New Covenant
Description: As we take a look now at the ‘Sign of the New Covenant’, let us remember that for each aspect of the New Covenant we have spoken about so far, we have needed to compare how things are for us as Christians under the New Covenant with how they were for God’s people under the Old Covenant. We must always bear in mind that the New Covenant is not just a continuation of the Old, but the reality of what was only a symbol orforeshadowing of things to come in the Old, and a new lifestyle
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 (New Covenant) 5. God's Covenants by Miki Hardy

Topic: New Covenant
Description: As we conclude our series on the New Covenant, it is clear that our God is a God of covenant and that He does not break His covenants. We’ve discussed previously that the New Covenant is, in fact, the reality of symbols and things foreshadowed under the Old Covenant, which are fulfilled in the New Covenant through a relationship with Christ.
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 (The Church Needs To Know) 1. God's Heart on Marriage and Divorce by Miki Hardy

Topic: Marriage And Divorce
Description: I think we all agree that it is not God’s will for Christians to divorce. If this is the case, how do we deal with divorce, which seems to be more and more prevalent, in the Church today?
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 (The Church Needs To Know) 2. Can Christians be Demon Possessed? by Miki Hardy

Topic: Demon Possession
Description: Many Christians believe that they themselves, or their brothers and sisters in Christ, can be possessed by demons after having received their salvation. What do the Scriptures say about this subject?
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 (The Church Needs To Know) 3. God and Music by Miki Hardy

Topic: Contemporary Christian Music
Description: It would not be an exaggeration to state that the dividing line between secular music and what is described as ‘Contemporary Christian Music’, is extremely thin. It is sad to say, but much of what we hear today is simply pop music with Christian lyrics.
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 (The Church Needs To Know) 4. Spiritual Warfare by Miki Hardy

Topic: Spiritual Warfare
Description: Another doctrine that has crept into the Church today is that of ‘spiritual warfare’. Christians everywhere are putting emphasis on casting out demons and binding evil spirits wherever they go. If we want to live according to the sound doctrine of Christ, we need to search the Scriptures to see what is in God’s heart, and in the heart of the Apostles who wrote the Epistles.
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 (The Church Needs To Know) 5. The Christian and his Money by Miki Hardy

Topic: Money
Description: If there is one area where Christians today are being manipulated and taught deceptive doctrines, it is definitely the area of finances and giving. To the great shame of the Church, many pastors are leading the flock astray with false promises of prosperity and blessings; misleading them by using laws that oblige them to give.
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 (The Church Needs To Know) 6. Relationships Before Marriage by Miki Hardy

Topic: Dating
Description: If there is one area in the Church today where there exists much confusion, and where there is evidence that the world system has once again crept in and influenced the way Christians think and behave, it is in relationships before marriage. Although this topic might seem only to apply to young people about to get married, it is actually something that is relevant to all believers.
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 (The Church Needs To Know) 7. The Road is Narrow by Miki Hardy

Topic: Narrow Road
Description: It is true that I have often been accused of putting too much emphasis on the message of the Cross, and of preaching little else, at a time when one hears very little about this subject from the pulpit. Yet, I would answer with a question of my own: ‘Why shouldn’t the foundational message of Jesus Christ – what the early apostles taught, what you read in the epistles of Paul, James, John, and Peter – be preached in every church everywhere, all the time?’ The preaching of the message of the Cross is the basic message of Christianity!
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 (The Church Needs To Know) 8. The Church Will be Confronted by Miki Hardy

Topic: Prophetic Word
Description: When we look at the state of the Church today, I am sure that many Christians are saddened by what they see. In many ways, there is little difference between the behaviour of 21st century believers and what went on with the people of Israel during the time of Jeremiah and the other Old Testament prophets. It seems that, once again, God’s people are being led to run after things that do not profit them.
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 (The Church Needs To Know) 9. Jesus is Calling Again by Miki Hardy

Topic: Jesus Calling
Description: It is human nature to want to be comfortable and satisfied, not wanting to upset the status quo. As Christians we can be guilty of having the same attitude towards our walk with the Lord; comfortable, easygoing, and settled in a particular Christian lifestyle. As a Christian, how does Jesus call us to live?
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 (Where is the Church Going) 1. Where is the Church Going? by Miki Hardy

Topic: Church
Description: Many preachers are deceiving Christians with fables and false teachings. They make empty promises; telling God’s people that He will shower His blessings on them if they just follow certain techniques. These preachers only want to make Christians feel happy, so they tell them what they want to hear. But many Christians are in a desperate state. So I ask the question: Where is the Church going?
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 (Where is the Church Going) 2. Shepherds And Hirelings by Miki Hardy

Topic: Hirelings
Description: Jesus commanded those who would be His disciples to deny themselves, take up their cross and follow Him, but we seldom hear this message in the church today. If the revelation of Christ crucified is not in the hearts of preachers, how can they possibly impart it to the people of God, and what are they teaching in its place?
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 (Where is the Church Going) 3. The Ministry of the Holy Spirit by Miki Hardy

Topic: Holy Spirit
Description: We cannot truly serve the Lord without the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. It’s the Spirit that reveals Christ to us and imparts life. Where is the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the church today?
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 (Where is the Church Going) 4. The Gospel and the Heart of Man by Miki Hardy

Topic: Gospel
Description: The true gospel speaks to the heart of man, not to his intellect. Are we serving God religiously, following techniques and principles, or are we allowing His gospel to win our hearts and surrendering our lives to Him?
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 (Where is the Church Going) 5. Our Reaction to the Gospel by Miki Hardy

Topic: Gospel
Description: If we are truly born again, our hearts will identify with the preaching of the true gospel. When we hear the message of Jesus Christ and Him crucified our spirits will testify that it is the truth! What is your reaction to the gospel?
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 (Where is the Church Going) 6. One Day we will Give an Account to God by Miki Hardy

Topic: Judgment Seat
Description: One day we will have to stand before the Lord and give an account of what we have heard, what we have preached, and what we have done with our lives... Are we ready?
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