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Bryan Anthony ( - )

Listen to freely downloadable audio sermons by the speaker Bryan Anthony in mp3 format. Bryan Anthony is the lead Pastor/Elder of The Pilgrimage, a church in midtown Kansas City, MO. He has served pastorally in Kansas City since 2002, and has labored and preached in Turkey, China, and to various communities throughout America. His chief jealousy is for God to be glorified in the Church; for a "demonstration of the manifold wisdom of God" to be given through the lives of His people, as they orient their lives around the Gospel and find their ultimate satisfaction in Him.

To this end he preaches and writes with an especial emphasis on the supremacy of Christ, the knowledge of God, the centrality of the Cross, the mystery of Israel and the Church, prayer and the abiding life, biblical manhood and womanhood, the glories of marriage and parenting, the Church as community, and a recovery of the apostolic witness unto Israel, and to the "uttermost parts of the earth." He has been happily married since 1998, and is the father of five beautiful children.

 Jesus Christ: The Foundation by Bryan Anthony

Topic: Foundation
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 The Holy One of Israel by Bryan Anthony

Topic: Israel
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 The Knowledge of God in Actuality by Bryan Anthony

Topic: Knowledge
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 The Lord Is Coming With Fire by Bryan Anthony

Topic: Recovery And Testimony
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