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 Attitudes On Bitterness by Jim Logan

Topic: Bitterness
Description: There is one thing in my life as a believer that can not only destroy me spiritually, but also affect me physically. It is the one area that opens my life to the enemy to have direct attacks. The more that I have living in the this area the more my life with be stalled in my spiritual life. God commands each believer to live within the area of forgiveness.
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 Attitudes On Humility by Jim Logan

Topic: Humility
Description: Jim Logan speaks on having a view of humility. Pride will destroy us as Christians. How can I live in humility towards God and People. Jim shares Biblical truth on how to live in humility and how it is that Satan attacks us as believers towards pride and selfishness.
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 Attitudes On Parenting by Jim Logan

Topic: Parenting
Description: Jim Logan has raised 4 Godly kids with his wife Marguerite Logan. He shares how to rely on God for the right attitudes in raising our children. Jim Logan shares the with children it isn't what is wrong with this, but what is right with this as a believer. He shares as parents how are we to raise Godly children who love God.
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 Attitudes On Pride by Jim Logan

Topic: Pride
Description: What did Satan do to cause him to be removed from Heaven? It wasn't drugs, alcohol, pornography, money. It was the sin of Pride. Jim Logan will share how when I am living with pride in my life, not only as I sinning against God, but I am standing with the enemy. Pride is sometime as simple as the centering life all about me. Do you have pride in your life? Are there areas of your life not under the control of God? If so, this message is for you!
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 Attitudes On Spiritual Dating by Jim Logan

Topic: Dating
Description: Jim Logan shares how God calls us to live with a moral life. When I am pursing a spouse, God is concerned where my heart is in the matter. Jim shares the almost lost knowledge of pursing on a spiritual level and NOT a physical level. If are questioning what to do when single, then this message is for you!
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 Attitudes On Worry by Jim Logan

Topic: Worry
Description: But I worry, what is so wrong with that? Are you a professional worrier? God knowing the human nature of worrying about the future, therefore He shared with us what to do when we face situations of worry. Follow Jim Logan as he shares from his own life and the people he has counseled with how prayer is a replacement for worry.
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 Conquering The Root Of Strongholds by Jim Logan

Topic: Strongholds
Description: Does something have a hold upon an area of your life that you have been trying to stop? Jim Logan shares that the Bible calls those "strongholds," and all of us have these strongholds within our lives, but he reveals how God gives us the power to conquer them.
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 Dangers in Spiritualist Practices by Jim Logan

Topic: Occult
Description: Is doing occult activity really bad if I am a Christian? What if I am not doing the "evil" stuff? Dr. Logan has been all over the world talking to animistic people groups on Spiritual Warfare. Many of those locations Dr. Logan would come across the topic of the occult, since many of them lived in it. What should a Christians stand be on occultic activity?
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 Dark Night Of The Soul by Jim Logan

Topic: Deep Struggles
Description: Have you been praying and praying to God for an answer and you feel as if He is not answering you? Have you been super depressed from the lost of a job or loved one? Have you had an extremely painful experience and you feel like God has left you? These are some examples of the Dark Night of the Soul. Dr. Jim Logan explains personally how he had to enter this dark place and he shares what should I do when I am there.
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 Declare Unto Them Thy Name by Jim Logan

Topic: Christian Living
Description: nil
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 Feeling Safe in a World Gone Mad by Jim Logan

Topic: Safety
Description: nil
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 Five Elements Of A Victorious Life by Jim Logan

Topic: Victorious Living
Description: nil
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 Getting Life Under Control by Jim Logan

Topic: Control
Description: nil
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 How to Become a Person of Prayer by Jim Logan

Topic: Prayer
Description: nil
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 How to help kids under attack by Jim Logan

Topic: Satanic Attack
Description: nil
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 Husbands As Spiritual Protectors by Jim Logan

Topic: Husbands
Description: Men, have you been caught in some area of sin you can't get rid of? Dr. Logan's ministry Biblical Restoration Ministries is primarily geared towards counseling men. The greatest area of attack that satan goes for is sexual sins. Most men that come to the office for counseling are in pornography and deeper forms for sexual sins. If Satan can get a man in bondage to sin, then he has permission to attack the rest of the family. Men, this is important message for you, but one that can encourage you as Dr. Logan shares how we walk through a man through sexual forgiveness from God and then spiritual healing, and finally internal peace.
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 I Said Yes When I should have said No! by Jim Logan

Topic: Decisions
Description: As technology has increased in the world, so has the ability to do evil. What happens if you know someone or you personally are addicted to sexual sins. Dr. Logan reveals the process of helping someone be free of sexual sins. This video has been uploaded by permission of Biblical Restoration Ministries, Inc. WARNING: This audio does contain mature topics and is intended for counselors and adults.
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 Overcoming Worry by Jim Logan

Topic: Worry
Description: All of us struggle with worry in this life, yet our legacy as believer is the experience of inner peace. Jim Logan presents practical principles from the Bible for understanding and overcoming worry, and important strategies for building an effective prayer life.
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 Spiritual Warfare - 1 "The Battle" by Jim Logan

Topic: Spiritual Warfare
Description: Jim Logan has talked all over the world on the topic of Spiritual Warfare. He authored the book "Reclaiming Surrendered Ground" and is currently working at Biblical Restoration Ministries in Sioux City, Iowa. This 8 part series on Spiritual warfare was recorded more than 10 years ago at a J.A.R.S. conference and has been seen by hundreds of people. Jim Logan starts the conference with understanding the spiritual battle.
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 Spiritual Warfare - 2 "Resistance" by Jim Logan

Topic: Spiritual Warfare
Description: In the spiritual battle we have an enemy. This enemy wants to destroy us and will use everything he can to try and destroy what he can in our lives. It is important that we understand how to resist and fight against him in the Power of God.
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