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Listen to freely downloadable audio sermons by the speaker W.F. Kumuyi in mp3 format. W.F. Kumuyi was born in 1941 into an Anglican home. It was a very strict Christian home, he told Isaacson, "We would get up in the morning, read the Bible, sing hymns, and go to church regularly. When I went to secondary school I lost interest in the church because our principal taught us atheism. But after a while I thought again and started going to various churches in town. Eventually, in 1963, a group of singers and preachers from a Gospel church got permission to come to the school. I understood the Gospel message, and was born again on April 5th, 1964. I read John Wesley, Charles Finney, Spurgeon, and lots of other books. I got involved with the Scripture Union, and I grew."

Concluding his book, Isaacson writes, "And, of course, Deeper Life are self-governing. Kumuyi is the founder & General Superintendent, and he carries a tremendous weight in pastoring the Gbagada (Lagos) church alone, quite apart from the (now thousands) of other congregations across Nigeria and the rest of the world. He is a remarkable leader, one of God's people for this generation. Kumuyi has received a great deal from God, but he is adept at passing along what he receives. My feeling is that what God has given his people through Kumuyi will be kept and developed long after Kumuyi is gone. This has been God's work, and to Him be the glory."

 The Ancient of Days on the Judgment Throne by W.F. Kumuyi

Topic: Judgment Seat
Scripture(s): Romans 14:10, Genesis 18:25  
Description: This is a great revelation of prophetic truth. It is the sublime prophecy of God’s authority as Judge – the Judge of all the earth, and the revelation of the supreme royal position of Christ, the Messiah. Daniel was God’s prophet during the period of Babylonian captivity. The Gentiles thought they were so mighty and powerful. Their despotic rulers and emperors thought they were independent of the God of heaven. The wicked nations thought that their kings had the ultimate and final authority. The kings and the princes of the Gentile world positioned themselves as if they were unpunishable. The prophecy here is a revelation from heaven that God, Who created the earth and all the inhabitants therein, has not abandoned the world to His creatures. This revelation upholds the truth known to patriarchs and prophets from the earliest of times that God is Judge. The God of heaven is “the Judge of all the earth” (Genesis 18:25).
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