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Steve Gallager

Steve Gallagher ( - )

Listen to freely downloadable audio sermons by the speaker Steve Gallagher in mp3 format. Steve Gallagher holds an Associates of Arts degree from Sacramento City College and a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Ministry from Master’s International School of Divinity. He is also a certified Biblical Counselor through the International Association of Biblical Counselors (IABC) in Denver, CO. He is the founder of Pure Life Ministries.

He has also authored 14 books, including the best-selling At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry, Intoxicated with Babylon, Standing Firm Through the Great Apostasy, and his latest work, The Time of Our Lives in Light of Eternity. The new mission God has called Steve Gallagher to became the Eternal Weight of Glory website which exposes the great apostasy, calls people to repentance and leads Christians into an eternal perspective.

 The Day Before the Day of the Lord by Steve Gallagher

Topic: Isaiah
Scripture(s): Isaiah 2  
Description: The Day of the Lord is coming and this chapter gives an amazing description of earth life during its final, dying moments. As an example, if 911 was the judgment of God, what was going on in our culture on 9/10/01 that brought about this judgment? The day of man is quickly coming to an end; the day of the Lord is upon us.
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 The Fall of Lucifer by Steve Gallagher

Topic: Lucifer
Scripture(s): Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28  
Description: Jesus saw Satan ¬ďfall from heaven like lightening,¬Ē but how could this perfect being, full of the love and goodness and truth of God take that first disastrous step down the path of sin? How could this magnificent leader in Heaven¬ís courts break fellowship with his closest allies such as Michael and Gabriel? It began, as all such evil careers begin, with a wayward thought that gained traction. A fascinating glimpse into the life in Heaven before Lucifer¬ís fall from grace.
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 The Folly of Ahaz by Steve Gallagher

Topic: Folly
Scripture(s): Isaiah 7-8  
Description: Ahaz was faced with decisions of enormous import when he took office. Assyria was growing in power and belligerence to the north. To the immediate north, Syria and Israel had formed a confederacy and were pressuring the young king of Judah to join. The Philistines to the southwest and the Edomites to the southeast were overrunning the Judean countryside. As Ahaz grappled with how to lead his nation through these difficult times, the prophet Isaiah implored him to put his trust in Jehovah. The decision he made would affect the country for the next 30 years.
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 The Great Arraignment of the Jewish Nation by Steve Gallagher

Topic: Jewish Nation
Scripture(s): Isaiah 1  
Description: It is not man but God who pours out His heart in this introductory message to the book of Isaiah. God lays out the charges against His people; decimates their arguments and calls on heaven and earth to decide the case.
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 The Great Insurrection by Steve Gallagher

Topic: Apostasy
Scripture(s): 1 Samuel 15  
Description: God's Kingdom was a place of perfect peace until Lucifer established his will as an alternative to God's. That same lawless spirit will one day possess the Antichrist and is already at work within the Church. Apostate Christians are willing to obey God so long as it doesn't interfere with what they want. There are four lies they tell themselves to justify their rebellion to God's authority.
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 The Great Outpouring by Steve Gallagher

Topic: Revival
Description: Scripture implies that before Jesus Christ returns there will be a worldwide revival. Most Christians cannot imagine supernatural living; what it will be like to truly be filled with the Holy Spirit. The Lord is not coming back for a sickly Bride, laden with sin and worldliness; He is returning for a Bride ¬ďwithout spot or wrinkle.¬Ē
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 The Life and Times of Isaiah by Steve Gallagher

Topic: Isaiah
Description: Steve introduces the first of the great prophetical books by highlighting the personal and national events that occurred at different times through Isaiah’s life. After a brief review of the book, Steve provides the answers to two critical questions: Did Isaiah actually write the second section of the book or did someone else write it later? Was Isaiah murdered by King Manasseh?
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 The Role of the Prophet by Steve Gallagher

Topic: Prophet
Description: The prophet was commissioned by God to communicate His will to His people. Sometimes this came in the form of dire warnings or scathing rebukes; other times he foretold future events; still other times he brought a word of hope and encouragement. In this opening message, Steve gives an overview of how God has used the prophets in the past and will continue to use them all the way to the end of time.
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 The Spiritual Peril of the Last Days by Steve Gallagher

Topic: Last Days
Description: The great danger of the end times church is not the judgments of God; nor is it persecution. Paul clearly warned that the thing end time believers should fear above all else is falling away from God. In this message, Steve explains the underlying factor that allows this tragedy to occur.
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 The Three Great Woes of Hell by Steve Gallagher

Topic: Hell
Description: A disconcerting warning from Scripture about what awaits the spirit, soul and body of those who reject Christ. Woe, woe, woe are those who refuse to submit to God’s authority and reciprocate His love. The implications of this message are terrifying and devastating.
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 The Voice of Darkness by Steve Gallagher

Topic: Darkness
Description: nil
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 The Way of Cain by Steve Gallagher

Topic: Cain
Description: In this passionate talk, Steve addresses the great reality of our day: a multitude of churchgoers with no more than ¬ďa form of godliness.¬Ē As he explains, there is a spiritual dynamic involved with a person falling away from God. Could his explanation bridge the gap between Calvinism and Arminianism? The key to this longstanding debate could very well be found in ¬ĎThe Way of Cain.¬í
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 When Satan¬ís Power Reigns Supreme by Steve Gallagher

Topic: Satan
Description: We are easing into a dark period of history where the forces of evil are gaining greater control. Believers will face intensified attacks in the form of temptation or trial. Indulgence creates cowardice. Christians who cannot handle giving up some of their luxuries and forms of entertainment now, will not be prepared to face the deprivations and persecutions that are coming.
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