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 A Time To Weep by Jason Robertson

Scripture(s): Jeremiah 9:1  
Description: It is no sign of weakness when a man weeps for sin, it shows that he has strength of mind; yes more, that he has strength imparted by God, which enables him to forswear his lusts and overcome his passions, and to turn unto God with full purpose of heart. And there are other tears, too, which are the evidences not of weakness, but of might — the tears of tender sympathy are the children of strong affection, and they are strong like their parents. He that loves much, must weep much. The unfeeling heart, the unloving spirit, may pass from earth's portal to its utmost bound almost without a sigh except for itself; but he that loves, has dug as many wells of tears as he has chosen objects of affection; for by as many as our friends are multiplied, by so many must our griefs be multiplied too, if we have love enough to share in their griefs and to bear their burden for them. It needs a mighty prophet like Jeremiah to weep as mightily as he. May we have more weeping in our churches.
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