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Listen to freely downloadable audio sermons by Classics Podcast in mp3 format. The work and ministry of SermonIndex can be encapsulated in this one word: Revival. Concepts such as Holiness, Purity, Christ-Likeness, Self-Denial and Discipleship are hardly the goal of much modern preaching. Thus the main thrust of the speakers and articles on the website encourage us towards a reviving of these missing elements of Christianity

You can subscribe to this free Christian podcast via iTunes Subscribe or RSS Feed. Download over 100 of the best classical sermons by many speakers from the past and present. This is a great starting place to benefit from the archive of SermonIndex.

 Does Doctrine Matter by Derek Melton by Classics Podcast

Topic: Podcast
Scripture(s): 1 Timothy 4:1-2  
Description: Derek Melton speaks powerfully on the subject of the need of doctrinal truth and purity in the last days we live in. There is a great need for glorifying God in all things including the scriptures of God. There needs to be a re-capturing of this urgency to understand spiritual doctrine no matter what theological persuasion we come from, we must meet at the general powerful truths of the Scripture.
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 Don't Be Dismayed by Carter Conlon by Classics Podcast

Topic: Classics Podcast
Scripture(s): Deuteronomy 31:7-8  
Description: Carter Conlon preached this powerful message in the year 2003 at Times Square Church. No matter your struggle - God will NOT fail you as you trust Him in everything. God will always be faithful the scripture says. God has made covenant with the Church as he did with Israel and His promises are sure. He is a sure rock and fortress in our times of trouble. May God bring us to total dependence on Christ and His work.
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 Echoes Of Eternity by John Ridley by Classics Podcast

Topic: Podcast
Scripture(s): Isaiah 57:15  
Description: Ridley shares the word "eternity" that appears once in the bible but has powerful signifigance to the world. Oh to be enraptured with this all encompassing theme of eternity. Hear this old voice from the past share with a burdened heart the truths of the bible.
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 Either Pentecost or Holocaust by Leonard Ravenhill by Classics Podcast

Topic: Podcast
Description: Leonard Ravenhill speaks on the dire need of a modern day pentecost upon the church. The one great need of the church is holiness but the one great problem is uncleaness. America is facing the judgement of God having over 250,000 professional preachers yet the nation is not moved to God. Hear this strong appeal to move ourselves out of complancy to a vital relationship with God and the Word of God.
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 Everything is For the Glory of God by Jim Cymbala by Classics Podcast

Topic: Classics Podcast
Description: Jim Cymbala shares how everything in the world, life and Christian life is for the glory of God. This is an important foundational message for Christian life and many of us seem to drift from this sure place and goal. He also shares how our constant victory in Christ must be soley by His grace and for His glory.
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 Excellency Of Knowing God by Leonard Ravenhill by Classics Podcast

Topic: Classics Podcast
Scripture(s): John 17:3  
Description: Ravenhill preaches from a deep burden on the greatest need in our Churches to know God! We don't know God, we talk about Him, we read His book but do we know Him in his grandeur and in his power? This is a provoking and challenging message.
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 Five Principles of Revival by Ian Paisley by Classics Podcast

Topic: Podcast
Scripture(s): Isaiah 52:10  
Description: Ian Paisley shares with a holy burden his passion and desire to see a revival and awakening in Ulster. Revival is when God makes bare His arm! Oh that we might see days of God working admist men again. The center of revival is in glorifying the Son of God and the work of the cross.
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 Following Jesus: The Straight Gate by Hans R. Waldvogel by Classics Podcast

Topic: Following Jesus
Description: Brother Hans Waldvogel shares powerfully that salvation is in the person of Jesus Christ. Not in sects, denominations or specific doctrines or theology. But in the blood and work of Christ and His indwelling us by the Spirit. May God bring us to a place of reality in our walk with Jesus.
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 Fresh Oil by Jack Hyles by Classics Podcast

Topic: Podcast
Scripture(s): Luke 24:49, Acts 1:5  
Description: Jack Hyles shares his personal testimony of His filling of the Spirit of God for service in preaching the gospel. He recounts many powerful testimonies of moody, finney, fox, savanrola, and many others who were used by the Spirit of God. He came to a place of utter resignation to God to preach the gospel with power. A very strong testimony of God's dealing with a man.
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 Full-Time Ministry by David Wilkerson by Classics Podcast

Topic: Classics Podcast
Scripture(s): Revelation 1:9-10  
Description: David Wilkerson gives a very clear warning to the spirit of the age that many Christians are living in. Think you're too busy to pray? No matter how busy or what your occupation in this life, every Believer is called into "Full Time Ministry."
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 Getting Used To The Dark by Vance Havner by Classics Podcast

Topic: Podcast
Description: Vance Havner in this sermon shows how many Christians are getting used to the apostasy and declension in Christianity in our day. Havner calls us afresh to see the situation how God sees it and to act as light's in a perverse and wicked generation. "We're living in the closing chapter of an age dominated by the prince and powers of darkness. And men do love darkness rather than light. I want to warn you tonight the best way I know how. Of a slow and subtle and sinister brainwashing process."
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 God Uses Foolish Things by Jackie Pullinger by Classics Podcast

Topic: Podcast
Scripture(s): 1 Corinthians 1:27-28   
Description: Jackie Pullinger shares a powerful message calling us to go out to reach that one that God has for us to reach. To reach the poor, the weak, the one's who are not well known. God's ways are opposite to men's ways. How sad to see so many churches operating in the business ways of the world. God uses the foolish and the despised for His glory.
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 God's Bloodhound by Rolfe Barnard by Classics Podcast

Topic: Podcast
Scripture(s): Luke 16:19-31  
Description: Rolfe Barnard speaks with power and authority against many misconceptions and falsities found in the Church of Jesus Christ. He takes us on a journey to hell with Abraham too see that hell is eternal and everlasting. This sermon will move and impact you for eternity.
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 God's Burden for Zion by George Warnock by Classics Podcast

Topic: Podcast
Description: A powerful message by Brother Warnock showing us clearly how we are a holy priesthood raised up by Jesus Christ as our high priest. And he shows how the gospel needs not just to be told but shown in the life of us the body of Christ. The world has yet to feel the true impact of the life of the gospel.
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 God's Heart For America by Derek Prince by Classics Podcast

Topic: Podcast
Description: Derek Prince speaks on the sober reality that we must all approach Jesus Christ as Judge! He clearly teaches that Judgement begins at the house of God as Scripture says. There is much important truth in this message that is very timely to the spiritual situation in America.
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 God's People Are Not Prepared by Mark S. Case by Classics Podcast

Topic: Classics Podcast
Description: According to the scriptures, we should have on "the whole armor of God" in order to be able to "stand in the evil day." That day is now, and it is no secret that God's people are not dressed in His whole armor. Also, the scriptures show time and again, that as believers we shall give account of our lives to God. Today, there is no teaching of responsibility with accountability for the believer. God's people are not prepared to stand in the evil day, or to meet God to give an account of responsibility.
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 Gods New Thing by David Legge by Classics Podcast

Topic: Podcast
Scripture(s): Isaiah 43:16-21  
Description: David Legge shares his burden about what God is doing in now and will be doing in revival in the future. This message is prophetic and carries with it a great weight about the true reality of a move of God and the biblical implications. This is a very important message for the times we are living in as the body of Christ.
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 Hell, What Is It Like? by David Wilkerson by Classics Podcast

Topic: Podcast
Description: David Wilkerson delivers a very sobering message on the reality of hell. Barely any preachers these days would even dare to preach on this subject but how sad that falls from the new testament normal of hell as a normal doctrine taught and discussed. Jesus spoke of hell more then heaven, listen carefully and know that there is a eternal hell.
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 His and His Alone by K.P. Yohannan by Classics Podcast

Topic: Podcast
Description: Brother K.P. Yohannan preaches with passion and burden for us to realize we are not our own but have been bought with a price. He calls for those that will follow Christ in whole-hearted devotion and live for His approval alone. There is a lost and dying world going to Hell and need to hear the Gospel and see it clearly in our lives.
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 How To Escape Deception by Zac Poonen by Classics Podcast

Topic: Podcast
Scripture(s): 1 Timothy 4:1  
Description: Zac Poonen shares on the subject of deception and shows how we can steer clear from this prevalent problem in Christendom today. We must be honest with ourselves and the possibility of ourselves being deceived in these last days where God warned us of.
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