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Jim Cymbala

Jim Cymbala (1949 - Present)

Listen to freely downloadable audio sermons by the speaker Jim Cymbala in mp3 format. Brother Jim Cymbala was called into ministry without formal training in Brooklyn, New York to pastor a small gathering. God showed him the great need of prayer and depending on the work of the Holy Spirit in the ministry. God blessed and grew the brooklyn tabernacle to a large church of thousands because of this reliance.

The burden of his ministry is to show the vital need for prayer, deependence on God and that God uses the weak and lowly to build His kingdom. He has written many books including the best-selling: "Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire" and his newer book "Spirit Rising" speaking of the neglected work of the Holy Spirit in our churches these days.

SermonIndex Recommends these books by Jim Cymbala:
Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire: What Happens When God's Spirit Invades the Hearts of His People by Jim Cymbala
Breakthrough Prayer: The Power of Connecting with the Heart of God by Jim Cymbala
Fresh Faith: What Happens When Real Faith Ignites God's People by Jim Cymbala

 The City by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Prayer
Scripture(s): Matthew 9:35-38  
Description: Pastor Cymbala refers to two polls that reflect the fact that secularism is gaining influence over the church in America. It's our prayer that revival will come to New York City and spread across the country. Matt 9:35-38 (GNB)
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 The Coming of the Spirit by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Holy Spirit
Scripture(s): Acts 1:1-5  
Description: Pastor Cymbala teaches about the difference between eras - the old testament, the time of Christ, (the Gospel era), and today we are in the Holy Spirit era. The Holy Spirit empowers us to live the Christian life. Acts 1:1-5; 4:8- 13; 23-24a; 29; 31
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 The Cure for Trouble by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Trouble
Description: nil
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 The Deadly Look by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Pride
Scripture(s): 1 John 2:15,Matthew 4:8  
Description: There is a look that kills. Things may look good but not be good for you. Lot thought it looked good to go toward Sodom and Gomorrah, but he lost everything he had there. There's a way that looks right to man but the end of it is death. Looks can be deceiving. The lust of man's flesh, the sight of the eyes and the pride of life are examined carefully.
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 The Director by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Christian Life
Description: nil
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 The Early Church Model by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Early Church
Scripture(s): Acts 11:19-30  
Description: Brother Jim Cymbala shares from the early church truths that show how the early church operated. In north america there is so much denominational divides but the early church was not like that. We have much to learn from the early church and must be open to change our ways from how we have been used to operate in our assemblies.
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 The Enlarged Life by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Deeper Life
Description: nil
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 The First Convert by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Easter
Description: nil
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 The First Gospel Sermon (Part 3) by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Gospel
Description: nil
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 The Future State by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Future
Description: nil
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 The Gift by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Gift
Description: nil
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 The Gift Of Tongues by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Tongues
Description: nil
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 The Gifts by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Gifts
Scripture(s): 1 Corinthians 12:1-3  
Description: This is the first of a two part teaching about the Gifts of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit's mission is to glorify Christ and give gifts to everyone in His church to point others to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. 1 Cor 12:1-3, 4-11
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 The Giving God by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Giving
Description: nil
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 The Great Future of Pentecost by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Pentecost
Description: nil
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 The Greatest Secret In The World by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Christian Life
Description: nil
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 The Greatest Thing In The World by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Love
Scripture(s): 1 Corinthians 13:1-4  
Description: God is love. Pastor Cymbala explores what this really means and how we should live out this life of love as a follower of Christ.
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 The Happy Pilgrim by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Pilgrims
Description: nil
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 The Harvest by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Harvest
Description: nil
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 The Heavenly City by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Heaven
Scripture(s): Revelation 21  
Description: Jim Cymbala shares on the book of Revelation and gives a wonderful overview of the book. Then he focuses on speaking on the Heavenly city and who will enter into it and who will not. He shares a very strong exhortation for believers to preserver in their faith and for others to repent and follow the ways of the Lord.
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