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Jim Cymbala

Jim Cymbala (1949 - Present)

Listen to freely downloadable audio sermons by the speaker Jim Cymbala in mp3 format. Brother Jim Cymbala was called into ministry without formal training in Brooklyn, New York to pastor a small gathering. God showed him the great need of prayer and depending on the work of the Holy Spirit in the ministry. God blessed and grew the brooklyn tabernacle to a large church of thousands because of this reliance.

The burden of his ministry is to show the vital need for prayer, deependence on God and that God uses the weak and lowly to build His kingdom. He has written many books including the best-selling: "Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire" and his newer book "Spirit Rising" speaking of the neglected work of the Holy Spirit in our churches these days.

SermonIndex Recommends these books by Jim Cymbala:
Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire: What Happens When God's Spirit Invades the Hearts of His People by Jim Cymbala
Breakthrough Prayer: The Power of Connecting with the Heart of God by Jim Cymbala
Fresh Faith: What Happens When Real Faith Ignites God's People by Jim Cymbala

 Hindrances by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Hindrances
Description: nil
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 His Life or Ours? by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Exchanged Life
Description: nil
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 His Resting Place by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Rest
Description: nil
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 How God Changes Things by Jim Cymbala

Topic: God
Description: nil
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 How God Helps Us Grow by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Christian Life
Description: nil
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 How God Prepares Us (Part 9) by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Preparation
Scripture(s): Acts 4:32-37  
Description: Acts 4:32-37; 13:1-3; 9:26-27; 11:22-24
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 How God Uses People by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Christian Life
Description: nil
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 How The Church Grows (Part 5) by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Church Growth
Description: nil
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 How To Make This The Best Summer by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Summer
Scripture(s): 1 Corinthians 13:4-5  
Description: Want to make this the best summer ever? In this teaching Pastor Cymbala presents three Biblical instructions that can change your life.
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 How To Pray - Part 2 by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Prayer Life
Scripture(s): Isaiah 40  
Description: Using Isaiah 40 and a few other passages, Pastor Cymbala addresses three problems we run into in regard to prayer. 1. My problem is so big, it seems bigger than God. 2. God has forgotten about me and my problem. 3. The wait is just too long. I can't carry on anymore. He brings encouragement from the Scriptures and shows how big, how caring, and how faithful our God is.
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 I Am A Branch by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Abiding
Description: nil
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 I Can't Take It by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Faith
Scripture(s): Num 13:25-33, Numbers 14:1-4  
Description: In this study, Pastor Cymbala takes us to the Old Testament and we learn that bad things can happen when God's people loose their faith. Num 13:25-14:4; I Corinth 10:6,10; Phil 2:14-15 (GNT)
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 Impossible Situations by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Impossibilities
Scripture(s): 1 Samuel 1:1-20  
Description: Just like with Hannah, many times when God is about to do something great, He looks for impossible situations. When we are broken and don't know where to turn, let's run to the Lord who can do miracles in our lives.
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 In A Moment by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Believing
Scripture(s): Mark 10:46-52  
Description: God can do much with those who believe in an instant. Mark 10:46-52
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 In Love With Jesus by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Jesus
Scripture(s): Mark 14:1-11  
Description: Only real, true and fervent love frees us from self-consciousness and peer pressure and gives us freedom to express adoration.
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 Innocent Looking But Evil by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Evil
Description: nil
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 Instant Mercy by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Mercy
Description: nil
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 It's Me! by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Christian Life
Description: nil
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 Jesus Appears by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Renewing The Mind
Scripture(s): Luke 24:13-35, Psalm 119:17  
Description: In today's modern Christian Church, most view their faith as mental and mechanical. In this teaching Pastor Cymbala's prayer is for the Lord to replace our active minds with a burning heart for the living Lord Jesus Christ.
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 Jesus Knocking by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Jesus
Description: nil
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