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 Christ's Call for Sinners by Al Martin

Topic: Sinners
Scripture(s): Luke 5:32  
Description: Three assertions of salvation by Jesus in the gospel call for sinners from Luke 5:32.
1. Only those who know and feel their true condition as sinners will ever be saved by Jesus Christ.
2. Only Jesus Christ himself and Jesus Christ alone can save sinners from their sins.
3. Jesus Christ saves sinners by calling them to repentance.
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 Jesus - the Only way to God? by Al Martin

Scripture(s): John 14:6  
Description: Are there really many ways to God? Or is Jesus the only way exclusively? Jesus, in the record of John 14:6, forever settled that question in one of the most epitomizing texts of the personal claims of Christ and His gospel.
1. Amazing personal claims of Jesus Christ.
2. Sobering conclusions Jesus draws from His personal claims.
3. Searching personal questions for each of us.
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 Puritan Evangelism by Al Martin

Description: How different is evangelism of today from evangelism of historic christianity? Do you know what scriptural principals to use to bring about true conversion? Listen to Al Martin as he reveals the truth of biblical evangelism and as he shatters common views on what we commonly call "evangelism". Be encouraged to speak the word of God for the salvation of lost souls.
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 The Great Day of Their Wrath by Al Martin

Scripture(s): Revelation 6:17,Romans 2:5,1 Thessalonians 1:9  
Description: An evangelistic warning to flee from the wrath of God to come and to turn to Jesus Christ who alone can deliver guilty, hell-deserving sinners from divine wrath; based on Revelation 6:17.
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 The Way of Forgiveness of Sins by Al Martin

Scripture(s): Acts 13:38-41,Luke 24:45  
Description: Forgiveness of sins is the central blessing held forth in the gospel of Jesus Christ. This forgiveness is found only in connection with the Christ of Old Testament prophecy and New Testament history, is received in Christ by faith alone, and is freely proclaimed and sincerely offered to all without distinction.
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 Warning To Professing Christians by Al Martin

Scripture(s): Matthew 7:21  
Description: An evangelistic warning to all professing Christians from Matthew 7:21. A profession of attachment to Jesus Christ is a necessary part of true and saving religion but the mere profession of attachment to Christ is no proof of true and saving religion. "Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven."

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