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 The Ministry of the Saints in the Church by Aaron Hurst

Topic: Church Life
Description: Ministry outside of the church is vitally important, but we cannot bypass the needs within the church to do so. It is God's heart for us to refresh the inward parts of the saints through encouragement, exhortation, discipleship, prayer, and many other means. This kind of love requires sacrifice, opening up and making ourselves vulnerable.
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 The Other Mission Fields by Aaron Hurst

Topic: Mission Field
Description: "First, in Jerusalem..." Most of us won't go to a foreign mission field, but are we fulfilling God's command to "Go!"? The mission fields of our companion, our children, our brethren, our work places and the places we touch in every day life lay at our fingertips. Are we obeying, or do we think that "going" means across the ocean, neglecting the very opportunities that we have here?
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 The Pitfall of Pride by Aaron Hurst

Topic: Pride
Description: nil
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 The Power of God by Aaron Hurst

Topic: Healing
Description: Jesus Christ has come to heal and save. When Jesus came on the scene of the lame man by the pool of Bethesda, a man found healing after thirty-eight years of lying there. Christ's power is also available to us. Are there areas in our lives where we are lame? When we are willing to get real with Him, His healing is also available to us.
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 The Preparation of the Bride by Aaron Hurst

Topic: Second Coming
Scripture(s): Matthew 25:1-13  
Description: In this message brother Aaron Hurst gives us a clear warning about the second coming of the Lord. He speaks in light of what is happening in the world to keep our lamps lighted with the Holy Spirit and repentance. He shares and exhorts from the letters to the churches in revelation to keep our walks with the Lord free from sins and false teachings.
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 The Promise of the Father by Aaron Hurst

Topic: Holy Spirit
Description: nil
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 The Qualifications of a Deacon by Aaron Hurst

Topic: Deacon
Description: nil
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 The Qualifications of an Elder by Aaron Hurst

Topic: Elder
Description: An in-depth teaching on the qualifications of an elder. The Apostle Paul's words to Timothy and Titus are defined and expounded on, in preparation for an ordination at Charity Christian Fellowship.
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 The The Ministry of the Saints—Dying to Self by Aaron Hurst

Topic: Death To Self
Description: Greatness in the kingdom of God is humility and servanthood, which require dying to self and sacrifice for the spiritual welfare of the saints. If something is a stumbling block or an offense to a brother, we do not have the liberty to do it. Another part of this ministry is speaking to one another when there have been offenses, in the way that Jesus taught.
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 The Times and the Seasons by Aaron Hurst

Topic: Seasons
Description: If the people of God would live in the expectancy of His return it would have a sanctifying affect. Works and self righteousness will not do; only the sacrificial blood of Jesus Christ applied to our lives will prepare us for that day. A warning and a blessing from I Thes. 5 as the church prepares to "multiply".
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 The Tongue by Aaron Hurst

Topic: Tongue
Scripture(s): James 3  
Description: The wisdom and grace that enables a man to bridle his tongue will be the same wisdom and grace that will enable him to control his actions, attitudes and whole life. A changed tongue is found only in changing the source. No man can tame the tongue—but the Lord can! This message is full of practical teaching.
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 The Violent Take the Kingdom of Heaven by Force by Aaron Hurst

Topic: Powerful Praying
Description: nil
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 The Word Made Flesh by Aaron Hurst

Topic: Incarnation
Description: nil
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 There Is a Time for Every Purpose by Aaron Hurst

Topic: Seasons
Description: Good things done at the wrong time will not turn out right. God calls us to be sensitive to Him and know His timing. Are we in tune with what He is asking us to do today, whether it be joyous or difficult? He will make everything beautiful in His time.
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 Vessels Fit for the Masters Use by Aaron Hurst

Topic: Surrender
Description: Aaron Hurst presents to us a plea to be made a clean, spotless vessel—fit for the Master's use. He exhorts us to surrender everything and be used by God.
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 Walking in the Flesh or in the Spirit by Aaron Hurst

Topic: Walking In The Spirit
Description: It is possible to have been born of the Spirit, but choose to walk in the flesh. Romans says if we live after the flesh, we will die. Brother Aaron challenges us to examine our walk; it is possible to die a very slow death. Which are we walking in—the flesh? or the Spirit?
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 Who Are You Denying—Self or Christ? by Aaron Hurst

Topic: Self Denial
Description: In America you can live the "good life", add Christ to it and call yourself a Christian. This message looks at what taking up the cross really is. We either deny self, or we deny Christ. Which are you denying?
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 Who Is a Wise Man? by Aaron Hurst

Topic: Wisdom
Scripture(s): James 3:13-18  
Description: Does your walk talk what your talk talks? Wisdom is seen in the fruit of a life. A clear teaching on heavenly wisdom versus earthly wisdom from verses 13-18 in James 3.
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 Who Is Willing To Dedicate His Service To The Lord by Aaron Hurst

Topic: Dedication
Description: nil
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 Wives, Reverence Your Husbands by Aaron Hurst

Topic: Marriage
Description: A woman can be a great influence on her husband, in either a positive or a negative way. This message examines the role of a wife from a well-balanced, biblical viewpoint.
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