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 If the Lord Will by Aaron Hurst

Topic: Will Of God
Description: This is a continuing exposition in James. Do I seek the will of God, or do I see His will as bitter medicine that I must take? Am I afraid of God's will? to freely give up? to surrender? As we see God's perfect will worked out in the past, it builds faith to surrender all. The question, "Do I really want God's will?" is crucial to understanding and proving the will of God.
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 Jesus, The Fountain of Living Water by Aaron Hurst

Topic: Jesus
Description: nil
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 Let Him Sing Psalms by Aaron Hurst

Topic: Trials
Description: Are any of you going through a trial? It was said of Jesus that ''..who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross..." If we go through the trials in our lives looking ahead by faith, we can thank and praise God though the trial. We are also exhorted in God's word to admonish one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.
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 Let Us Pray by Aaron Hurst

Topic: Prayer Life
Description: Conclusion of the study of James. When praying for the sick we need to pray in faith expecting an answer, with a surrendered heart for the will of God to be done. To summarize the book of James is to define true faith.
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 Living in Conscious Reality of God's Presence by Aaron Hurst

Topic: Presence Of God
Description: nil
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 Making a Difference¬óAn Exposition of Jude by Aaron Hurst

Topic: False Doctrines
Description: There are many lessons in Jude which are relevant to us today. This message warns us of false prophets and false doctrines which are infiltrating the church and society. However, in the midst of this decay, there are those who are seeking for truth and righteousness. Will we make a difference in their lives?
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 Marks of True and False Religion by Aaron Hurst

Topic: False Religion
Description: This message examines several issues in James 1 that set apart true religion from false. This includes joy in trials, unwavering faith, singleness of mind, enduring temptation, and purity of heart.
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 One by Aaron Hurst

Topic: Unity
Description: The Lord our God is one Lord. This message takes us first to the oneness of the Trinity, then God's desire for oneness between man and God, and finally oneness in the body of Christ, with the latter being the main part of the message. What keeps us from that unity? Many verses are explored as we look at God's heart for His body, the bride of Christ.
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 Our Light Affliction by Aaron Hurst

Topic: Election
Scripture(s): 1 Peter 1:1-16  
Description: An expository teaching on I Peter 1: 1-16 with attention given to the doctrine of election and the blessing of suffering.
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 Passive Father Eli, Faithful Father Abraham by Aaron Hurst

Topic: Fatherhood
Description: nil
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 Prepare to Die by Aaron Hurst

Topic: Death
Scripture(s): Hebrews 9:27,2 Kings 20:1  
Description: Pastor Aaron Hurst reminds us that all people must die a physical death. But are we prepared to live the spiritual life afterward, or will we die a second time (the spiritual death of the unredeemed and the wicked). When Isaiah told King Hezikaiah that he must die soon and to get his "house" in order, the prophet was speaking to all of us. Death can come suddenly and unexpectedly. Are we prepared to meet God at any moment?
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 Rivers of Living Water by Aaron Hurst

Topic: Life Of The Spirit
Description: nil
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 Suffering Love: Nonresistance in Marriage and Family by Aaron Hurst

Topic: Nonresistance
Description: nil
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 Suffering Love: The Doctrine of Nonresistance and Conscientious Objection to War by Aaron Hurst

Topic: Nonresistance
Description: nil
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 The Blood of the Lamb by Aaron Hurst

Topic: Blood of The Lamb
Description: We as children of God overcome by the blood of Lamb, by the word of our testimony, and in not loving our lives unto death. Is our life a reality of trusting in the blood of Jesus and looking unto the Lamb? Is it a testimony of God's grace? In closing, several examples of faithful men of old from the Word of God were lifted up as an encouragement to us who are now running the race.
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 The End of the World by Aaron Hurst

Topic: End Times
Description: nil
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 The Leader and His Wife by Aaron Hurst

Topic: Marriage
Description: Practical applications and direction for husbands on cultivating a spirit-filled marriage. Issues covered include humility, communication, moral purity, forgiveness and repentance.
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 The Lord Is My Shepherd, I Will Fear No Coronavirus by Aaron Hurst

Topic: Coronavirus
Description: nil
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 The Lord's Day by Aaron Hurst

Topic: Sabbath
Description: Sunday is becoming another ordinary day in today's society. While we are not required to keep the Old Testament sabbath, the principles of it still apply to us today. Those who don't set aside a day for the Lord don't prosper spiritually. Don't let the cares of life distract you on the Lord's Day. Our focus should be on the Lord, not our own pleasure.
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 The Ministry of the Saints by Aaron Hurst

Topic: Home Life
Description: Our ministry is to deeply appreciate and serve the Lord, then our spouse, thirdly our children (or parents), then the body of Christ. Ministry outside of the body flows from this foundation. As goes the home, so goes the church. This will affect the souls of all of our descendants, which could be in the thousands in just three generations.
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