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David Wilkerson

David Wilkerson (1931 – 2011)

Listen to freely downloadable audio sermons by the speaker David Wilkerson in mp3 format. Founder of Times Square Church in New York City with over 100 different languages spoken in the congregation. Wilkerson wrote many powerful books such as: The Vision and Cross and the Switchblade. His ministry was prophetic as God called him to be a watchman to the Church in North America. He gave clear messages on repentance to the Church.

Wilkerson also founded Teen Challenge where there are hundreds of centres for Christ-centered drug recovery and addiction recovery. He also organized and spoke at pastors gatherings in many countries where he gave prophetic strong messages to encourage pastors and leaders.

SermonIndex Recommends these books by David Wilkerson:
The Vision and Beyond, Prophecies Fulfilled and Still to Come by David Wilkerson
Knowing God by Name: Names of God That Bring Hope and Healing by David Wilkerson
God's Plan to Protect His People in the Coming Depression by David Wilkerson

 (Nicaragua) The Ministry of Refreshing Others by David Wilkerson

Topic: Ministry
Scripture(s): 2 Corinthians 7:5-7  
Description: nil
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 (Poland) Jesus Loves Sinners by David Wilkerson

Topic: Sinners
Scripture(s): 1 Timothy 1:15  
Description: nil
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 (Poland) The Capacity to be Stirred by David Wilkerson

Topic: Stirred
Scripture(s): Revelation 3:1-5  
Description: nil
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 (Poland) Walking in the Spirit by David Wilkerson

Topic: Walking in the Spirit
Description: nil
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 (Spain) A Cry Without a Voice by David Wilkerson

Topic: Christian Life
Scripture(s): Mark 7:31-35  
Description: nil
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 (Spain) A Greater Than Solomon Is Here by David Wilkerson

Topic: Jesus Christ
Scripture(s): Matthew 12:42  
Description: nil
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 (Spain) Guarding the Sheep by David Wilkerson

Topic: Shepard
Scripture(s): Ephesians 20:28-31  
Description: nil
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 (Spain) The Supply of the Spirit by David Wilkerson

Topic: Holy Spirit
Scripture(s): Philippians 1:19  
Description: nil
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 (Spain) The Touch of God by David Wilkerson

Topic: Touch Of God
Scripture(s): Exodus 19:20  
Description: nil
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 (Sweden) God's Controversy with the Evangelical Church of Sweden by David Wilkerson

Topic: Evangelical Church
Scripture(s): Amos 3:1-8  
Description: nil
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 (The Mission and Ministry of the Holy Spirit) The Communion of the Holy Spirit by David Wilkerson

Topic: Communion
Scripture(s): 2 Corinthians 13:14  
Description: 2 Cor. 13:14 is the passage featured. Bro. Wilkerson carefully explains why the Holy Ghost was sent, and how to commune with him. It is much more simple than most think, yet much more vital to allow this communion, even hungrily seek it, than we realize. Jesus would not have asked the Father to send us a Comforter he knew we wouldn't need. We need to know why he was sent, why he dwells in us, and allow him to do what the Father sent him to do.
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 (The Mission and Ministry of the Holy Spirit) The Holy Spirit and the Antichrist by David Wilkerson

Topic: Antichrist
Scripture(s): 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12,1 John 4:2-3  
Description: Christians need to be aware that they have an adversary and he is determined to corrupt the Bride of Christ in any way he possibly can. He's after the Bride, not because he wants her for himself, but because he would deny Christ his spotless Bride. The sin that floods this world out of the mouth of the enemy is an attempt to corrupt the Bride, to steal her heart away from Christ, and his truth, and defile that which belongs to Jesus.
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 (The Mission and Ministry of the Holy Spirit) The Power of the Holy Spirit by David Wilkerson

Topic: Power Of The Spirit
Scripture(s): John 3:8  
Description: This is part 4 of a 5 message series. The Holy Spirit is an awesome Source of power, and is to be respected and revered. The Power of the Holy Spirit can be released in your life, and Bro. Wilkerson explains how. The Holy Spirit can go anywhere at anytime. He can help you overcome sin, the flesh and the devil.
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 (The Mission and Ministry of the Holy Spirit) Walking in the Spirit by David Wilkerson

Topic: Walking in the Spirit
Scripture(s): 1 Corinthians 12  
Description: Brother David Wilkerson explains what it means to walk in the Spirit in a way that is easy to understand, and convicting at the same time. He explains the job of the Holy Spirit, using scripture from John 14, he helps us understand why we need the Holy Spirit so much. Part 1 of a 5 tape series.
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 (Zambia) The Cry of Sodom and Gomorrah by David Wilkerson

Topic: Sodom
Scripture(s): Genesis 18:17-21  
Description: nil
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 (Zambia) The Touch of God by David Wilkerson

Topic: Zambia
Scripture(s): Exodus 19:20  
Description: nil
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 A Booth on the Roof by David Wilkerson

Topic: Renewal
Scripture(s): Nehemiah 8:1-3  
Description: nil
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 A Broken Down City Without Walls by David Wilkerson

Topic: Renewal
Scripture(s): Proverbs 25:28  
Description: This is a tough talk for today's Christian culture. Speaking from Proverbs ch.25 vs28, David Wilkerson describes how many Christians, including those in ministry, have lost God's protection and peace. This is especially true in marriages. He shows the way forward and how God can re-build the walls.
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 A Burning Coal in His Hand by David Wilkerson

Topic: Vision
Scripture(s): Isaiah 6:1-13 , Revelation 1:12-17  
Description: nil
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 A Call to Anguish by David Wilkerson

Topic: Revival
Scripture(s): Nehemiah 1  
Description: David Wilkerson speaks about the perversion in America and the sinfulness of the church. He points out how the church today is married to the world. People are seeking places where smooth messages are being preached. Christians no longer want to hear about God's coming wrath and the necessary correction of their lives. This broken and God-fearing man denounces the passivity of God's people. Christians are blind to the lukewarmness and the sinful mixture that has crept in little by little. He warns how the spirit of blindness is the least recognizable thing. He calls believers to leave their passivity: "You have lost your fight. That's all the devil wants to do is get the fight out of you and kill it. So you won't labor in prayer anymore, you won't weep before God anymore. You can sit and watch television and your family goes to hell. If you are expecting somebody else to win your family or to do this work you are mistaken." Through this very deep, challenging and anointed message, God calls believers to a baptism of anguish and to fervently pray for the recovery of a nation.
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