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David Wilkerson

David Wilkerson (1931 – 2011)

Listen to freely downloadable audio sermons by the speaker David Wilkerson in mp3 format. Founder of Times Square Church in New York City with over 100 different languages spoken in the congregation. Wilkerson wrote many powerful books such as: The Vision and Cross and the Switchblade. His ministry was prophetic as God called him to be a watchman to the Church in North America. He gave clear messages on repentance to the Church.

Wilkerson also founded Teen Challenge where there are hundreds of centres for Christ-centered drug recovery and addiction recovery. He also organized and spoke at pastors gatherings in many countries where he gave prophetic strong messages to encourage pastors and leaders.

SermonIndex Recommends these books by David Wilkerson:
The Vision and Beyond, Prophecies Fulfilled and Still to Come by David Wilkerson
Knowing God by Name: Names of God That Bring Hope and Healing by David Wilkerson
God's Plan to Protect His People in the Coming Depression by David Wilkerson

 God Omnipotent Reigns In Our Lives by David Wilkerson

Topic: Grace Of God
Scripture(s): 2 Corinthians 5:19  
Description: This message was preached at the 1981 General Council of the Assemblies of God. Wilkerson gives a overview of the ministry God has given him to serve New York City and speaks of the wickedness growing in America. He speaks of the growing homosexual movement in America. He speaks of the grace of God and that God can forgive anyone who repents and comes to Christ.
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 God Shall Arise and Scatter our Enemies by David Wilkerson

Topic: Deliverance
Scripture(s): Psalms 68:1  
Description: In these last days a battle cry is coming up from those who are in their prayer closet, praying through until we touch the heart of God. God will put a triumphant praise in our heart, and show us that the strongholds of satan are nothing but wax that will melt in the presence of Jesus Christ. We are called to a triumphant faith that shouts with joy, knowing that God will arise and declare to the devil, 'IT IS ENOUGH'. He will scatter our enemies.
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 God Wants To Make Covenant With You! by David Wilkerson

Topic: Covenant
Scripture(s): Isaiah 55:1-3  
Description: A wonderful message that clearly explains how God has made available in the New Testament Covenant everything we have need of to overcome any obstacle. He has made us exceeding great and precious promises, and in Is. 55:1-3 he invites whosoever will, who ever is thirsty for truth that will set them free, to come, having no money, buy that which will profit. His living water. These promises are given that we might experience them, and realize he cannot lie and that is the anchor for our soul in these troubled times With God nothing is impossible.
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 God Will Resore All Your Wasted Years by David Wilkerson

Topic: Restoration
Scripture(s): Joel 1:4,Joel 2:25  
Description: Date delivered: 3/26/90. This is what you were and what you are. God can restore your wasted years, no matter if you have not been saved, if you've been saved 3 months, 3 years or 3 decades. God wants to restore what has been wasted or stolen.
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 God's Controversy with the Backslidden Church by David Wilkerson

Topic: Backsliding
Scripture(s): Hosea 4:1-2  
Description: nil
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 God's Grief Over His People by David Wilkerson

Topic: Repentance
Scripture(s): Hebrews 3:17-19  
Description: nil
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 God's Hatchet by David Wilkerson

Topic: Defence
Scripture(s): Psalm 74  
Description: nil
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 God's Intention For This Midnight Hour by David Wilkerson

Topic: Work Of God
Scripture(s): Ephesians 3:9  
Description: nil
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 God's Miracle Mountain by David Wilkerson

Topic: Last Days
Scripture(s): Isaiah 25  
Description: Is 25 Isaiah prophesied about the very last days, and how Satan would build up a stronghold of strongholds, enslaving the masses with sins of the flesh. He also saw God reduce Satan's empire into rubble in an instant. God saved the best wine for last. He's pouring out his spirit and those who seek his presence are feasting on wonderful things. Yet too many Christian homes are not a place where Christ's Spirit is presently manifested and God wants this to change. Only Jesus' manifest reality will melt Satan's bondage on your lost loved ones like wax. A wonderful message revealing just how God is going to deal with the enemy of our souls that will rejoice your spirit!
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 God's People Will Never be Ashamed in the Time of Calamity by David Wilkerson

Topic: Calamity
Description: November 2, 2008 - We will face impossible situations that demand nothing less than a miracle. God's people will never be triumphed over in times of calamity. Just as sure as God warns us of calamities, God will speak His promises into our heart. When you commit God to His Word the impossible becomes possible. We must take our faith to the distant unknown and stand on the promises of God. Those who put their trust in God will never be put to shame.
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 Gods People Are Hurting by David Wilkerson

Topic: Hurting
Scripture(s): Psalms 6:6  
Description: nil
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 Gods Vision For The Last day Church by David Wilkerson

Topic: Last Days
Description: nil
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 Gods War on Drugs by David Wilkerson

Topic: Drugs
Description: nil
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 Governed by the Word of God 1 of 2 by David Wilkerson

Topic: Word Of God
Scripture(s): Isaiah 9:6-8,Luke 17:21,Isaiah 30:9-14  
Description: Far worse than a nation despising the Word of God is a professing believer who lightly esteems the Word of God and refuses to submit to it, not bothering to read it much. They leave themselves open to deception. Brokenness and trembling at the Word of God will lead to healing. This he will honor and draw near to in any heart.

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 Governed by the Word of God 2 of 2 by David Wilkerson

Topic: Word Of God
Scripture(s): Jeremiah 36:1-6, Jeremiah 36:9-10  
Description: Far worse than a nation despising the Word of God is a professing believer who lightly esteems the Word of God and refuses to submit to it, not bothering to read it much. They leave themselves open to deception. Brokenness and trembling at the Word of God will lead to healing. This he will honor and draw near to in any heart.
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 Grafted in Christ by David Wilkerson

Topic: Christ
Scripture(s): John 15:1-8  
Description: This is a message warning of the consequences of unbelief. We must be connected to Jesus or we won't survive because he is the source of our life. If we don't abide in him, we will wither and die on the vine, and be cut off, bundled up and cast away. Repeatedly, Jesus warned his disciples against unbelief. He is all we need and he has all we need no matter what happens. You can't enter into the rest of Christ until you understand your position in him. Just because you fail doesn't mean you drop off the vine. Wonderful message of assurance.

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 Graveyard Revival by David Wilkerson

Topic: Revival
Scripture(s): Luke 8:26-37  
Description: nil
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 Grieving The Holy Spirit by David Wilkerson

Topic: Holy Spirit
Scripture(s): Ephesians 4:30  
Description: nil
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 Guarding The Sheep by David Wilkerson

Topic: Shepherd
Scripture(s): Ephesians 20:28-31  
Description: nil
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 Hard-Heartedness in the Body of Christ by David Wilkerson

Topic: Lukewarmness
Scripture(s): Proverbs 29:1  
Description: nil
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