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Arno Stegen

Arno Stegen ( - )

Listen to freely downloadable audio sermons by the speaker Arno Stegen in mp3 format. He helped found the Kwasizabantu Mission where a few thousand live on the mission doing work for the Lord. He shares a powerful burden for the purity of the Church and revival in the Church.

Many ministers have preached in their large conventions through the years namely David Wilkerson who enjoyed greatly the mission's work. They have established over 30 other missions around the work as a work of the Spirit.

 Building instructions by Arno Stegen

Topic: Instruction
Description: nil
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 Christ as Lord and King of your life by Arno Stegen

Topic: Lordship of Jesus
Description: nil
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 Do Everything Out Of Love by Arno Stegen

Topic: Love
Scripture(s): 1 Corinthians 16:14  
Description: Arno Stegen shares his sermon on the topic of having the love of God in our lifes. He speaks of many practical ways to show if we do nor do not have the love of God in our heart. All ministry, work, and serving God can be vain without it being done out of love from the heart for God. This is a very challenging and strong sermon on a much needed topic to be shared.
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 From insignificance to fame by Arno Stegen

Topic: Fame
Description: nil
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 Jesus turns the night into day by Arno Stegen

Topic: Miracles
Description: nil
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 Reflect the Light of the Son by Arno Stegen

Topic: Son Of God
Description: nil
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 Take care how you build by Arno Stegen

Topic: Instruction
Description: nil
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