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Erlo Stegen

Erlo Stegen (1935 - 2023)

Listen to freely downloadable audio sermons by the speaker Erlo Stegen in mp3 format. Used of God in the Zulu revival in South Africa. He helped found the Kwasizabantu Mission where a few thousand live on the mission doing work for the Lord. He shares a powerful burden for the purity of the Church and revival in the Church.

Many ministers have preached in their large conventions through the years namely David Wilkerson who enjoyed greatly the mission's work. They have established over 30 other missions around the work as a work of the Spirit of God.

SermonIndex Recommends these books by Erlo Stegen:
Revival Among the Zulus by Erlo Stegen

 Flee the lusts of the flesh - escape for your life by Erlo Stegen

Topic: Lusts Of The Flesh
Scripture(s): 2 Timothy 2:22  
Description: nil
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 Follow God Wholeheartedly by Erlo Stegen

Topic: Following God
Scripture(s): Luke 2:41-52  
Description: Let’s look more closely at this. This applies mostly to children, but the parents can listen carefully too. Often the children go off the track and if you look closely, you see the parents haven’t taught them properly especially those with children a bit older. This applies to young people and to parents who must bring up their children properly. The Bible says “Teach your children in His way and then they will not deviate from it.” You parents and mothers, do you hear? Parents complain and say the children don’t want to listen but the problem is with the parents. You can’t blame poverty for it. It's usually those that are better off that go wrong. In the world you hear it is poverty that causes the problems. That is not true. If the parents follow the Lord faithfully, the children will follow in their footsteps.
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 Follow the Star by Erlo Stegen

Topic: Birth Of Jesus
Scripture(s): Matthew 2:1-12  
Description: I will speak about these wise men from the East. We are not exactly sure where they came from because it just says the East but it could have been China or one of those lands there. That doesn’t trouble us exactly where they were from. But we know that they travelled very far to come to the Kong who had been born. Neither do we know who told them that this Child would be born. It is only the Bible that prophesies about His birth. There were no other historical references. But we do know there had been prophets like Daniel (who had lived most of his life in an Eastern kingdom) and others who had prophesied about it. The Magi saw the star and they said that indicated that the King had been born in Israel. Unfortunately, they presumed that if a king was born in Israel then he had to be born in Jerusalem, the capital. So they started their long journey to Jerusalem.
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 Forgiveness and mercy by Erlo Stegen

Topic: Forgiveness
Description: nil
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 Foundation of our faith - Christ´s resurrection by Erlo Stegen

Topic: Resurrection
Description: nil
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 From Suffering to Glory by Erlo Stegen

Topic: Suffering
Scripture(s): Romans 8:18-27  
Description: When Paul was converted on the way to Damascus, God told Ananias that He would show Paul how much he was still to suffer for the name of Jesus. The sermon preached to Paul wasn't like so many of today's sermons, where people are told that they should come to Jesus to be happy, joyful, blessed, rich etc. That's why so many fall away. Of course those things could be added but that's not the reason you come to God neither the reason God saves you. God saves you that you might know Him and do His will, wherever He might lead. Someone asked one of the co-workers why he wasn't preaching a Gospel of love, blessedness and material prosperity. He answered that we preach the love of God as revealed in His Son Jesus who suffered and died for us on the cross because of our sin. He died so that we can be saved, do His will and lay down our lives for our fellowmen so that they too can be saved. The man then broke down and answered that he realizes for the first time that he has never been saved, but only followed after other men.
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 Fruit of Repentance by Erlo Stegen

Topic: Repentance
Scripture(s): Hebrews 6:4-8  
Description: This Word makes one to fear the Lord, for there is no one like God, Who is Awesome and Fearful. Every human being should live in the fear of God. It makes one ask the question, ‘who then shall be saved?’ This is the type of Word that can make every one of us lose hope, for who of us haven’t been in the same boat? Who of us haven’t fallen into sin after being a Christian? One thinks of Esau who sought repentance with tears but could not find it. We need to carefully examine this scripture. We should never take God lightly. A person so easily falls into sexual immorality, or some other sin. And then that person confesses the sin but go back to it a few days later. Such a person is poking his finger in God’s eyes and his future is not good. What is man that you should be fearful of him? Rather fear God Who can put both soul and body in hell (Matt 10:28).
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 Fulfilling your calling by Erlo Stegen

Topic: Calling
Description: nil
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 Funeral of Uncle Gerhard Rudert by Erlo Stegen

Topic: Funeral
Description: nil
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 Get rid of the old leaven by Erlo Stegen

Topic: Sin
Scripture(s): 1 Corinthians 5:6-8  
Description: nil
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 Give God your heart by Erlo Stegen

Topic: Surrender
Description: nil
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 Give Thanks to God by Erlo Stegen

Topic: Thanksgiving
Scripture(s): Matthew 8:1-4  
Description: We read here that this happened when He had come down from the mountain, where He had just preached a sermon, the most powerful sermon ever preached (Matt 5-7). It is also a very difficult passage, e.g. where Jesus said that if you’re married and you look at another woman with lust you have already committed adultery (Matt 5:28). He also said that if you get angry with your brother and you call him a fool or other names, then you deserve hell, because before God you’ve murdered him (Matt 5:22). It would be good to read this again and again because the Lord expects us to live accordingly. He also said that if someone forces you to walk a kilometre with him, then walk two (Matt 5:41). If someone strikes you on the one cheek, turn the other also (Matt 5:39). Read it prayerfully and ask yourself what kind of a life you live.
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 Give thanks unto the Lord! by Erlo Stegen

Topic: Thanksgiving
Scripture(s): 1 Chronicles 16:8-10  
Description: Rev Stegen closed off with the Word of God from 1Chron 16:8-10. We need to call on the Lord and praise and magnify His Name for His working. May His Name be made known throughout the world, starting with us. We also thank God for His grace that He's shown us and to DSS.
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 Go Therefore by Erlo Stegen

Topic: Discipleship
Scripture(s): Matthew 28:16-19  
Description: The eleven disciples went to the mountain that the Lord Jesus appointed them to be at. This is after he had died and had been raised from the dead. There is a place God has appointed for a person to be. The life of a Christian should not be down in the dumps. Spiritually you should be in a high place. Are you on a high place on the mountain top or are you in the valley of joylessness and depression? The Lord Jesus wants you in a high place. Are you on fire spiritually or are you lukewarm or cold? Woe if you are not in that place the Lord Jesus appointed you to be.
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 God dwelling with His people by Erlo Stegen

Topic: God's Dwelling
Description: nil
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 God exalts the lowly by Erlo Stegen

Topic: Lowly
Description: nil
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 God Given Intuition by Erlo Stegen

Topic: Intuition
Scripture(s): 1 John 5:20  
Description: You do not have to go around telling people to do this and not that for if they're truly saved they will know the Lord and do the right for He writes His law in the heart of His children. We read in Acts how the early Christians were all of one heart and mind (Acts 4:32). If you have this sixth sense you cannot fight among yourselves but are one with God's children. You feel the same about different matters. You will even see things in the same way. But it's a pity that very often among Christians there is disunity because some are still holding on to their sin and own way. Sin darkens your understanding. God gives this sixth sense to His children that they aim at the same thing, they see things in the same way.
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 God our fortress - Part 1 by Erlo Stegen

Topic: God's Protection
Description: nil
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 God our fortress - Part 2 by Erlo Stegen

Topic: God's Protection
Description: nil
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 God Remembers Your First Love by Erlo Stegen

Topic: First Love
Description: There is no life on this earth without God. Without Jesus you have nothing and are lost forever. You can have everything in this world but be miserable and on your way to hell. “Fulfilment”, “faith” and “to believe” in Zulu is the same word as being satisfied like when you have had a meal. It’s a wonderful way of saying it. A Christian is satisfied. You don’t need wealth, possession or worldly pleasures because Jesus becomes your life. Throughout the Bible Jesus is the God of the living and not of the dead. He has risen from the dead. He is not like the spirits of the dead because He sits at the right hand of God. He is not like gods fashioned from wood. He is alive and not an idol carved from wood or stone. He loves you with eternal love.
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